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M Autorun Killer Smart 3 0 Full with Serial Key

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Size7.0 MB
Age6 years
DateFebruary 22nd 2018 anonymous
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M Autorun Killer Smart 3.0 Full with Serial Key

Erase the AUTORUN virus from your PC with the help of this application

If you’ve been infected with the famous Autorun virus, chances are that your full-time antivirus solution won’t be able to do the cleaning job, so finding a dedicated software solution to clean your machine is a must do.
M Autorun Killer Smart is one possible solution as its purpose is to scan the computer and remove the infection fast and easy, without hampering computer performance at all.
And it pretty much does that, as it remained pretty light on computer resources all the time during our test.
But there’s a major thing to take into consideration when dealing with M Autorun Killer Smart. The application doesn’t replace traditional antivirus solutions, so its only goal is to scan and remove the Autorun virus. It doesn’t provide full-time protection and it doesn’t support virus definition updates.
Probably the best thing about M Autorun Killer Smart is the fact that it doesn’t interact too much with the user. The interface comes down to just a single window that includes the one and only button called “Scan and Clean”.
The scanning process goes fast and has the power to enable Task Manager, registry editor and folder options, which are the features disabled by the infection.
Of course, M Autorun Killer Smart is being delivered as a very light package, so it takes just a few seconds to download and run the application.

· Smart Scan Enabled
· Automatically Scan New USB Drives And Clean Them
· Smart Scan Log
· Fixed Old Bugs
· New And Beautiful Design
· More Powerfull
· Faster Speed
· Automatically Vaccinate USB & PC Drives
· Complete USB Protection
· 100% Protection Against Any Threats Via USB Drives
· Fix Your Windows Registry
· Maximum Protection
· No Need Signature Updates
· Doesn’t Slow Down Your PC At All (Startup Time, …)
· Low Size
· Use afew Ram memory
· Ask password before exit
· Compatible with all antivirus software



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Torrent NameSize
M Autorun Killer Smart 3.0 Full with Serial Key/M Autorun Killer Smart 3.0 Full with Serial Key.rar7340277
M Autorun Killer Smart 3.0 Full with Serial Key/M Autorun Killer Smart - Read This.rtf2975


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