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Size894.7 MB
Age7 years
DateDecember 15th 2017 anonymous
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Torrent NameSize
Slayer/Christ Illusion/01 - Flesh Storm.mp310210087
Slayer/Christ Illusion/02 - Catalyst.mp37518430
Slayer/Christ Illusion/03 - Skeleton Christ.mp310507883
Slayer/Christ Illusion/04 - Eyes Of The Insane.mp38154773
Slayer/Christ Illusion/05 - Jihad.mp38469288
Slayer/Christ Illusion/06 - Consfearacy.mp37521565
Slayer/Christ Illusion/07 - Catatonic.mp311808781
Slayer/Christ Illusion/08 - Black Serenade.mp37870561
Slayer/Christ Illusion/09 - Cult.mp311218414
Slayer/Christ Illusion/10 - Supremist.mp39268634
Slayer/Christ Illusion/Christ Illusion front.jpg188749
Slayer/Christ Illusion/Christ Illusion-Back.jpg225166
Slayer/Diabolus In Musica/01 - Bitter Peace.mp310906073
Slayer/Diabolus In Musica/02 - Death's Head.mp38386824
Slayer/Diabolus In Musica/03 - Stain Of Mind.mp38209192
Slayer/Diabolus In Musica/04 - Overt Enemy.mp311279102
Slayer/Diabolus In Musica/05 - Perversion Of Pain.mp38432800
Slayer/Diabolus In Musica/06 - Love To Hate.mp37448506
Slayer/Diabolus In Musica/07 - Desire.mp310350187
Slayer/Diabolus In Musica/08 - In The Name Of God.mp38735820
Slayer/Diabolus In Musica/09 - Scrum.mp35563510
Slayer/Diabolus In Musica/10 - Screaming From The Sky.mp37712865
Slayer/Diabolus In Musica/11 - Wicked.mp314422155
Slayer/Diabolus In Musica/12 - Point.mp310109861
Slayer/Diabolus In Musica/slayer_-_diabolus_in_musica_a.jpg76939
Slayer/Diabolus In Musica/slayer_-_diabolus_in_musica_b.jpg120796
Slayer/Divine Intervention/01 - Killing Fields.mp39524102
Slayer/Divine Intervention/02 - Sex. Murder. Art.mp34428134
Slayer/Divine Intervention/03 - Fictional Reality.mp38727889
Slayer/Divine Intervention/04 - Dittohead.mp36052951
Slayer/Divine Intervention/05 - Divine Intervention.mp313345293
Slayer/Divine Intervention/06 - Circle Of Beliefs.mp310808281
Slayer/Divine Intervention/07 - SS-3.mp39877277
Slayer/Divine Intervention/08 - Serenity In Murder.mp36283873
Slayer/Divine Intervention/09 - 213.mp311694355
Slayer/Divine Intervention/10 - Mind Control.mp37370567
Slayer/Divine Intervention/slayer_-_divine_intervention_a.jpg135372
Slayer/Divine Intervention/slayer_-_divine_intervention_b.jpg117657
Slayer/God Hates Us All/01 - Darkness Of Christ.mp33628552
Slayer/God Hates Us All/02 - Disciple.mp38639883
Slayer/God Hates Us All/03 - God Send Death.mp39045303
Slayer/God Hates Us All/04 - New Faith.mp37446609
Slayer/God Hates Us All/05 - Cast Down.mp38277303
Slayer/God Hates Us All/06 - Threshold.mp35985842
Slayer/God Hates Us All/07 - Exile.mp39431915
Slayer/God Hates Us All/08 - Seven Faces.mp38887524
Slayer/God Hates Us All/09 - Bloodline.mp38045336
Slayer/God Hates Us All/10 - Deviance.mp37580356
Slayer/God Hates Us All/11 - War Zone.mp36604422
Slayer/God Hates Us All/12 - Scarstruck.mp38387017
Slayer/God Hates Us All/13 - Here Comes The Pain.mp310899997
Slayer/God Hates Us All/14 - Payback.mp37334805
Slayer/God Hates Us All/15 - Addict.mp38874985
Slayer/God Hates Us All/slayer_-_god_hates_us_all_a1.jpg105821
Slayer/God Hates Us All/slayer_-_god_hates_us_all_b.jpg138901
Slayer/Haunting The Chapel EP/01 - Chemical Warfare.mp314497283
Slayer/Haunting The Chapel EP/02 - Captor of Sin.mp38381495
Slayer/Haunting The Chapel EP/03 - Haunting the Chapel.mp39458785
Slayer/Haunting The Chapel EP/04 - Aggressive Perfector.mp38367912
Slayer/Haunting The Chapel EP/slayer_-_haunting_the_chapel_a.jpg107155
Slayer/Haunting The Chapel EP/slayer_-_haunting_the_chapel_b.jpg114342
Slayer/Hell Awaits/01 - Hell Awaits.mp315062573
Slayer/Hell Awaits/02 - Kill Again.mp311857871
Slayer/Hell Awaits/03 - At Dawn They Sleep.mp315110638
Slayer/Hell Awaits/04 - Praise Of Death.mp312857838
Slayer/Hell Awaits/05 - Necrophiliac.mp39070083
Slayer/Hell Awaits/06 - Crypts Of Eternity.mp316020744
Slayer/Hell Awaits/07 - Hardening Of The Arteries.mp39428483
Slayer/Hell Awaits/slayer_-_hell_awaits_a.jpg112873
Slayer/Hell Awaits/slayer_-_hell_awaits_b.jpg86832
Slayer/Reign in Blood/01 Angel of Death.mp311671180
Slayer/Reign in Blood/02 Piece by Piece.mp34914412
Slayer/Reign in Blood/03 Necrophobic.mp34027012
Slayer/Reign in Blood/04 Altar of Sacrifice.mp36831196
Slayer/Reign in Blood/05 Jesus Saves.mp36965872
Slayer/Reign in Blood/06 Criminally Insane.mp35726644
Slayer/Reign in Blood/07 Reborn.mp35272504
Slayer/Reign in Blood/08 Epidemic.mp35730820
Slayer/Reign in Blood/09 Postmortem.mp36587944
Slayer/Reign in Blood/10 Raining Blood.mp311899816
Slayer/Reign in Blood/reign in blood.jpg56364
Slayer/Show No Mercy/01 - Evil Has No Boundaries.mp37598381
Slayer/Show No Mercy/02 - The Antichrist.mp36808438
Slayer/Show No Mercy/03 - Die By The Sword.mp38704928
Slayer/Show No Mercy/04 - Fight Till Death.mp38720601
Slayer/Show No Mercy/05 - Metal Storm - Face The Slayer.mp311752895
Slayer/Show No Mercy/06 - Black Magic.mp39762364
Slayer/Show No Mercy/07 - Tormentor.mp39041385
Slayer/Show No Mercy/08 - Final Command.mp36114626
Slayer/Show No Mercy/09 - Crionics.mp38397728
Slayer/Show No Mercy/10 - Show No Mercy.mp37467768
Slayer/Show No Mercy/AlbumArtSmall.jpg2364
Slayer/Show No Mercy/Folder.jpg10296
Slayer/Show No Mercy/slayer_-_show_no_mercy_a.jpg90401
Slayer/Show No Mercy/slayer_-_show_no_mercy_b.jpg120253
Slayer/South of Heaven/01 South of Heaven.mp311932180
Slayer/South of Heaven/02 Silent Scream.mp37459684
Slayer/South of Heaven/03 Live Undead.mp39195856
Slayer/South of Heaven/04 Behind the Crooked Cross.mp37785412
Slayer/South of Heaven/05 Mandatory Suicide.mp39801376
Slayer/South of Heaven/06 Ghosts of War.mp39332620
Slayer/South of Heaven/07 Read Between the Lies.mp38004652
Slayer/South of Heaven/08 Cleanse the Soul.mp37278028
Slayer/South of Heaven/09 Dissident Aggressor.mp36206884
Slayer/South of Heaven/10 Spill the Blood.mp311560516
Slayer/South of Heaven/front.jpg87597
Slayer/Undisputed Attitude/01 Disintegration-Free Money.mp34030144
Slayer/Undisputed Attitude/02 Verbal Abuse-Leeches.mp34710832
Slayer/Undisputed Attitude/03 Abolish Government-Superficial Love.mp34304716
Slayer/Undisputed Attitude/04 Can't Stand You.mp33499792
Slayer/Undisputed Attitude/05 Ddamm.mp32465188
Slayer/Undisputed Attitude/06 Guilty of Being White.mp32679208
Slayer/Undisputed Attitude/07 I Hate You.mp35453116
Slayer/Undisputed Attitude/08 Filler-I Don't Want to Hear It.mp35934400
Slayer/Undisputed Attitude/09 Spiritual Law.mp37198684
Slayer/Undisputed Attitude/10 Mr. Freeze.mp35750656
Slayer/Undisputed Attitude/11 Violent Pacification.mp36326944
Slayer/Undisputed Attitude/12 Richard Hung Himself.mp38071468
Slayer/Undisputed Attitude/13 I'm Gonna Be Your God (I Wanna Be Your Dog) [Aka I Wanna Be Your Dog].mp37133956
Slayer/Undisputed Attitude/14 Gemini.mp311725468
Slayer/Undisputed Attitude/Undisputed_Attitude.jpg46654
Slayer/World Painted Blood/01 World Painted Blood.mp310736664
Slayer/World Painted Blood/02 Unit 731.mp35017471
Slayer/World Painted Blood/03 Snuff.mp36801600
Slayer/World Painted Blood/04 Beauty Through Order.mp38217427
Slayer/World Painted Blood/05 Hate Worldwide.mp35096113
Slayer/World Painted Blood/06 Public Display Of Dismemberment.mp34983327
Slayer/World Painted Blood/07 Human Strain.mp35452227
Slayer/World Painted Blood/08 Americon.mp36107902
Slayer/World Painted Blood/09 Psychopathy Red.mp34904970
Slayer/World Painted Blood/10 Playing With Dolls.mp37753101
Slayer/World Painted Blood/11 Not Of This God.mp37845249
Slayer/World Painted Blood/cover.jpg44906


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