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DateDecember 18th 2017 anonymous
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Torrent NameSize
Kishore Kumar/Aa chal ke tujhe.mp34567586
Kishore Kumar/Aa Dekhen Zara (Rocky).mp313843782
Kishore Kumar/Aa humsafar.mp33830546
Kishore Kumar/AADMI JO KAHTA HAI.mp36257812
Kishore Kumar/AAI KHUDA HAR FAISLA.mp35828132
Kishore Kumar/Aaj hum ishq ka.mp35434015
Kishore Kumar/aaj ka yeh din.mp34757228
Kishore Kumar/Aaj madhosh hua jaaye re.mp34697571
Kishore Kumar/Aaj Rapat Jain To.MP36652494
Kishore Kumar/Aaj tu ghair sahi.mp36332618
Kishore Kumar/Aaj unse pahli mulaqat hogi.mp35574032
Kishore Kumar/AAJA RE MERI ZAMBORINE.mp35367808
Kishore Kumar/Aake Seedhe Lagi Dil Pe.mp33451089
Kishore Kumar/AANEWALA PAL.mp34524536
Kishore Kumar/AANKHON MAIN KAJAL HAI .MP33804798
Kishore Kumar/Aankhon mein humne aapke.mp34597679
Kishore Kumar/Aankhon Mein Kya Jee .mp35573091
Kishore Kumar/Aao mera paas aao.mp34910626
Kishore Kumar/AAP KE ANURODH PE.mp34805822
Kishore Kumar/Aap ki aankhon mein.mp34028672
Kishore Kumar/Aasman ke neeche.mp33691961
Kishore Kumar/Aate Jaate Khubsurat.mp35631252
Kishore Kumar/AAYE TUM YAAD MUJHE.mp35601913
Kishore Kumar/AB CHAHE MAA ROTHE YA BABA .mp35295575
Kishore Kumar/Achcha to hum chalte.mp34818361
Kishore Kumar/Ae o aa.mp35746688
Kishore Kumar/agar dil hamara sheeshe.mp34988034
Kishore Kumar/AGAR TUM NA HOTE - SAD.mp31616148
Kishore Kumar/AGAR TUM NA HOTE.mp34939172
Kishore Kumar/Aise Na Mujhe Tum (Darling Darling).mp36387049
Kishore Kumar/Ajnabi tum jaane pehchane.mp36411163
Kishore Kumar/Akhiyon hi akhiyon mein.mp33750476
Kishore Kumar/AlbumArt_{2E09BF13-E96D-4C14-9B2B-117D3578424B}_Large.jpg11937
Kishore Kumar/AlbumArt_{2E09BF13-E96D-4C14-9B2B-117D3578424B}_Small.jpg2717
Kishore Kumar/AlbumArtSmall.jpg2717
Kishore Kumar/Angreji main kahte hai.mp36089375
Kishore Kumar/APNE JEEVAN KI ULJHAN KO.mp35314566
Kishore Kumar/Apne pyaar ke sapne.mp35173209
Kishore Kumar/Apno mein main begana part 2 [Begana].mp32976500
Kishore Kumar/APNO MEIN MEIN BEGANA.mp37195953
Kishore Kumar/Are Jane Kaise Kab Kahan Iqrar.mp310332218
Kishore Kumar/Are suno.mp34156732
Kishore Kumar/Are yaar meri tum bhi ho gajab.mp35123137
Kishore Kumar/Bachna ae hasino.mp36176728
Kishore Kumar/BAD MUDDAT KE HUM TUM MILE.mp37609683
Kishore Kumar/BADI SOONI SOONI HAI.mp34252446
Kishore Kumar/BARSO PURANA.mp35587885
Kishore Kumar/Beqarar-e-dil.mp38809499
Kishore Kumar/Bhanware ki gunjan.mp37122352
Kishore Kumar/Bhool gaya sab kuch.mp34829228
Kishore Kumar/Bye Bye Miss Good Night.mp35646336
Kishore Kumar/C.A.T. Cat Maane Billi.mp33277218
Kishore Kumar/Cat cat mane billi.mp34872092
Kishore Kumar/Chahe raho door .mp33459994
Kishore Kumar/Chahiye Thoda Pyaar.mp36490240
Kishore Kumar/Chahiye thoda pyar thoda.mp35230929
Kishore Kumar/CHAL KAHIN DOOR .MP36361428
Kishore Kumar/CHALTE CHALTE.MP35009916
Kishore Kumar/Chand chura ke laya.mp33110580
Kishore Kumar/Chand ke paas jo.mp34293823
Kishore Kumar/Chanda Dekhe Chanda.mp34700280
Kishore Kumar/Chandni raat mei ek baar tumhe_.mp35331615
Kishore Kumar/Chedo na meri julfe.mp33725816
Kishore Kumar/Cheel Chil Chilla Ke.mp35165056
Kishore Kumar/Chehra hai ya chand.mp34889415
Kishore Kumar/Chhotisi Yeh Duniya Pechaane Raaste.mp36238336
Kishore Kumar/Chhukar Mere Man Ko.mp34078702
Kishore Kumar/CHINGARI KOI BHADKE.mp35399742
Kishore Kumar/Choti si yeh duniya.mp36235948
Kishore Kumar/Chudi nahin yeh mera dil.mp34206887
Kishore Kumar/Chuple se dil dede.mp33352997
Kishore Kumar/Daakiya Daak Laya.mp34313088
Kishore Kumar/DE DE PYAR DE.mp35574128
Kishore Kumar/Deewana karke chodoge.mp35658041
Kishore Kumar/Deewana main hoon tera.mp33681415
Kishore Kumar/DEKH SAKTA HOON.mp34662462
Kishore Kumar/Dekha ek khwab toh yeh.mp35159834
Kishore Kumar/DEKHA HAI ZINDAGI KO.mp33153212
Kishore Kumar/Dekha na haye re socha na.mp36801869
Kishore Kumar/Des pardes.mp33407403
Kishore Kumar/Dheere se jaana.mp37448976
Kishore Kumar/DIL AAJ SHYAR HAI.mp34260264
Kishore Kumar/DIL AESA KISINE.mp34757757
Kishore Kumar/Dil Afridam [sone pe suhaga].mp34483579
Kishore Kumar/Dil ki baaten.mp34851798
Kishore Kumar/Dil Ko Dekho.mp34872192
Kishore Kumar/dil kya chahe.mp36294856
Kishore Kumar/DIL KYA KARE.mp36442968
Kishore Kumar/DIL MEIN AAG LAGAYE.mp34184162
Kishore Kumar/Dil se mile dil.mp35059836
Kishore Kumar/DILBAR MERE.mp34618003
Kishore Kumar/Din Jawaani Ke Chaar.mp35920768
Kishore Kumar/Din mahine saal .mp36154577
Kishore Kumar/DIWANA LEKE AAYA HAI.mp35536083
Kishore Kumar/DIYE JALTE HAIN.mp33349652
Kishore Kumar/Do Panchhi Do Tinke.mp38445952
Kishore Kumar/DREAM GIRL.mp35691896
Kishore Kumar/Dukhi man mere.mp35217085
Kishore Kumar/Duniya O duniya.mp37662042
Kishore Kumar/Ek ajanabee haseena se.mp33750868
Kishore Kumar/Ek baat dil mein aayi hai.mp35131831
Kishore Kumar/EK CHATUR NAR KARKE.mp36110536
Kishore Kumar/Ek Dil So Dushman.mp32082389
Kishore Kumar/Ek Ladki Bhigi Bhagi Si Soti Raton.mp33875445
Kishore Kumar/Ek rasta hai zindgi.mp35075824
Kishore Kumar/Ek roz main tadap kar.mp35859790
Kishore Kumar/Folder.jpg11937
Kishore Kumar/Gaadi Bula Rahi Hai.mp35992576
Kishore Kumar/Gaata Rahe Mera Dil.mp34769305
Kishore Kumar/GEET GATA HOON MEIN.mp34326615
Kishore Kumar/Gham ka fasana ban gaya.mp34374489
Kishore Kumar/GHAR SE BEGHAR.mp39614842
Kishore Kumar/Ghum hai kisi ke pyar.mp34100308
Kishore Kumar/GHUNGHROO KI TARAH.mp34575527
Kishore Kumar/Gir gaya jhumka.mp34187243
Kishore Kumar/Gore rang pe na itna.mp34623175
Kishore Kumar/Gulmohar Gar Tumhara Naam Hota.mp33266560
Kishore Kumar/Haal Kya Hai Dilon Ka.mp310348544
Kishore Kumar/Haal kya hai.mp310347211
Kishore Kumar/Haan pehli baar.mp35529800
Kishore Kumar/Hai Apna Dil To Awaara .mp35276340
Kishore Kumar/Hans tu hardam khushiyaan ya gham.mp34868411
Kishore Kumar/Har koi chahta hai ek mutthi aasman.mp35405423
Kishore Kumar/Har Koi Chahta Hai.mp35406848
Kishore Kumar/Hawaon Pe Likhdo.mp32895749
Kishore Kumar/Hazaar rahen mud ke.mp35148131
Kishore Kumar/Hey Maine Kasam Li .mp33892292
Kishore Kumar/Hone laga hai mujhe.mp36090538
Kishore Kumar/HOTHON PE JAAN.mp36253405
Kishore Kumar/Hum apni wafa yaad.mp34154120
Kishore Kumar/Hum aur tum.mp34053914
Kishore Kumar/Hum banjaro ki baat.mp36465121
Kishore Kumar/HUM BEWAFA.mp34068387
Kishore Kumar/Hum Bolega To.mp34561024
Kishore Kumar/Hum dono do premi.mp34865173
Kishore Kumar/Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke.mp311640832
Kishore Kumar/Hum hain rahi pyar ke.mp38770734
Kishore Kumar/Hum To Mohabbat Karega.mp34077568
Kishore Kumar/Hum tum dono milke.mp36210584
Kishore Kumar/HUMEN TUMSE PYAR KITNA.mp34142521
Kishore Kumar/Humne toh pyar kiya .mp36035877
Kishore Kumar/Hurjai nahi Hum.mp35314806
Kishore Kumar/Husn ki wadiyon mein.mp37209924
Kishore Kumar/Ina meena dika.mp35963867
Kishore Kumar/intaha ho gayi.mp310669144
Kishore Kumar/Is modh se.mp34750234
Kishore Kumar/ISSE PAHLE KE YAAD TU AAYEE.mp35404758
Kishore Kumar/JAA JAA JAA MUJHE AB .mp36004115
Kishore Kumar/Jaago Sonewaalon.mp39564160
Kishore Kumar/Jaane Jaan Dhoondta Phir Raha (Jawani Diwani).mp39688590
Kishore Kumar/Jaaneman Jaaneman.mp39803069
Kishore Kumar/JAB DARD NAHI THA SINE MEIN.mp35775366
Kishore Kumar/JAB TAK MAINE SAMJHA.mp38395446
Kishore Kumar/Jadugar tere naina.mp35507994
Kishore Kumar/jahan teri ye nazar.mp35180900
Kishore Kumar/Jane anjaane log mile.mp33250889
Kishore Kumar/JANE KYA SOCH KAR.mp34574335
Kishore Kumar/Jani o jani.mp35657127
Kishore Kumar/Jawani O Deewani.mp35777408
Kishore Kumar/Jee Bharke Dekh Loon.mp33072128
Kishore Kumar/Jeena kya aji pyar [Dhan daulat].mp36038692
Kishore Kumar/JEEVAN KE DIN - BADE DIL WALA.mp35611520
Kishore Kumar/JEEVAN KE HAR MOD PE - JHOOTA KAHIN KA.mp36371591
Kishore Kumar/Jeevan Ke Safar Mein Rahi .mp34518789
Kishore Kumar/Jeewan ki bagiya mahkegi.mp34226531
Kishore Kumar/Jeewan se bhari teri.mp34315139
Kishore Kumar/Jidhar dekhon teri tasweer nazar.mp34587940
Kishore Kumar/Jis dil mein pyar.mp33820516
Kishore Kumar/Jiska mujhe tha itntzaar_.mp34176794
Kishore Kumar/JO RAAH CHUNI TUNE.mp37502581
Kishore Kumar/KAARAN NA JANE KOI.mp37947709
Kishore Kumar/Kab Ke Bichhade Hue.MP35962862
Kishore Kumar/KABHI BEKASHI NE MARA.mp38636819
Kishore Kumar/Kabhi Hoti Nahin Jiski.mp34712907
Kishore Kumar/KABHI PALKO PE AANSOO.mp36557993
Kishore Kumar/KAHAN TAK YEH MAN KO.mp37088128
Kishore Kumar/Kahe paise pe itna.mp35130994
Kishore Kumar/Kahin na ja .mp34339798
Kishore Kumar/KAISE KAHEN HUM.mp33799812
Kishore Kumar/Kajara laga ke.mp34591410
Kishore Kumar/Kal ki hansi mulakat ke .mp35645503
Kishore Kumar/Kali palak teri gori.mp33294900
Kishore Kumar/Kanchi re kanchi re.mp34679599
Kishore Kumar/Karvate badalte.mp34908223
Kishore Kumar/Kasme wade nibhayenge.mp34574273
Kishore Kumar/kaun sunega.mp36233153
Kishore Kumar/Keh Doon Tumhe (Deewaar).mp37985512
Kishore Kumar/Kehna Hai.mp37124992
Kishore Kumar/KHAFA HOON KHAFA HOON.MP34885664
Kishore Kumar/khaike paan banaraswala.mp33893417
Kishore Kumar/Khatta Meetha.mp310848256
Kishore Kumar/KHILTE HAIN GUL YAHAN.mp33891590
Kishore Kumar/Khoobsurat hasina.mp34837588
Kishore Kumar/Khwab ho tum ya.mp35466616
Kishore Kumar/Kisi ki bewafai ka.mp34712904
Kishore Kumar/KISKA RASTA DEKHE.mp34224215
Kishore Kumar/Kitne Atal The Tere Iraade.mp313213696
Kishore Kumar/KITNE BHI TU KARLE SITAM.mp34386191
Kishore Kumar/KITNE SAPNE KITNE ARMAN.mp34363621
Kishore Kumar/Kitni khoobsurat yeh tasweer.mp34463932
Kishore Kumar/Koi bhi dil mein na aaya tha.mp35394630
Kishore Kumar/KOI HAMDAM NA RAHA.mp35384050
Kishore Kumar/KOI HASEENA.mp34069641
Kishore Kumar/KOI HOTA JISKO APNA.mp34164133
Kishore Kumar/Koi ladki kal raat sapne.mp34162584
Kishore Kumar/KOI LAUTA DE MERE .mp34256605
Kishore Kumar/Koi Roko Na.mp35761152
Kishore Kumar/Kora kaghaz tha yeh.mp35512592
Kishore Kumar/KUCH TO LOG .mp35206498
Kishore Kumar/KUCHH LOG MOHABBAT KARKE.mp35457839
Kishore Kumar/KYA KHABAR KYA PATA.mp36267688
Kishore Kumar/Kya mausam hai.mp36376513
Kishore Kumar/Kya yahi pyaar hai .mp36170041
Kishore Kumar/Kya Yehi Pyar Hai (Rocky).mp39701395
Kishore Kumar/LAHRON KI TARAH YAADEN .mp36563780
Kishore Kumar/Likha hai teri aakhon mein.mp34068543
Kishore Kumar/Mahki kyon gali gali .mp35441873
Kishore Kumar/Main akela apni dhun mein magan.mp34243487
Kishore Kumar/MAIN AUR MERI AWARGI.mp35341228
Kishore Kumar/Main dil tu dhadkan.mp35513302
Kishore Kumar/Main doob jata hoon.mp33578695
Kishore Kumar/Main ek chor tu meri rani.mp34417121
Kishore Kumar/Main Hoon Ghoda.mp37719040
Kishore Kumar/MAIN HOON JHOOM JHOOM JHUMROO.mp33296572
Kishore Kumar/Main Ne Tujhe Manga .mp33435045
Kishore Kumar/Main pyasa tum sawan.mp33853294
Kishore Kumar/Main shayar badnaam.mp35168903
Kishore Kumar/Main solah baras ki.mp35060778
Kishore Kumar/MAIN TASVEER UTARTA HOON.mp35245515
Kishore Kumar/Main tere pyar mein pagal.mp36259903
Kishore Kumar/Mana janab ne pukara nahi.mp37111686
Kishore Kumar/Manchali O Mancahli.MP35138646
Kishore Kumar/Mannu Bhai Motor Chali Pum Pum Pum.mp36670336
Kishore Kumar/MANZILEN APNI JAGAH.mp37075740
Kishore Kumar/Mausam mastana hai.mp36017818
Kishore Kumar/Mausam pyar ka.mp35454819
Kishore Kumar/MEET NA MILA RE MAN KA.mp34715125
Kishore Kumar/Mehman Nazar Ki Ban Ja [Patal Bhrairavi].mp36489165
Kishore Kumar/MEIN SHYAR BADNAM.mp36429472
Kishore Kumar/MERA JEEVAN KORA KAGAZ.mp33517672
Kishore Kumar/MERA JEEVAN KUCHH KAAM.mp35675177
Kishore Kumar/Mere Bhole Balam.mp36260736
Kishore Kumar/MERE DEEWANEPAN KI.mp36055397
Kishore Kumar/Mere dil main aaj kya hai.mp37861632
Kishore Kumar/MERE DIL MEIN AAJ KYA HAI.mp34160493
Kishore Kumar/MERE DIL NE TADAP KE.mp36271187
Kishore Kumar/MERE MAHEBOOB QAYAMAT HOGI = II.mp32519462
Kishore Kumar/MERE MEHBOOB.mp33697631
Kishore Kumar/MERE NAINA SAWAN BHADON.mp35268921
Kishore Kumar/MERE NASEEB MEIN AYE DOST.mp34548777
Kishore Kumar/Mere samnewali khidaki mein.mp32760665
Kishore Kumar/MERE SANG SANG AAYA TERI.mp36774828
Kishore Kumar/MERI BHEEGI BHEEGI SI.mp33979517
Kishore Kumar/Mohabbat bade kam ki cheez hai.mp34466022
Kishore Kumar/mujhe kahte hain romio.mp36202224
Kishore Kumar/Mujhe Naulukha manga de re.mp310520118
Kishore Kumar/Mujhe tum yaad karna.mp34127475
Kishore Kumar/MUSAFIR HOON YAARO.mp33409839
Kishore Kumar/MUSKURATA HUA.mp36516538
Kishore Kumar/mutwale hum matwale tum.mp33304776
Kishore Kumar/my name is anthony.mp34539998
Kishore Kumar/NAA KOI DIL MEIN SAMAYA.mp34730468
Kishore Kumar/NADIYA SE DARIYA.mp32833736
Kishore Kumar/nafrat karne walo ke seene.mp33345473
Kishore Kumar/Naino mein sapna.mp36294175
Kishore Kumar/Nakhrewali.mp34408127
Kishore Kumar/Nazrana bheja kisi ne pyar.mp34142814
Kishore Kumar/Nazrana Bheja Kisi Ne.mp35183488
Kishore Kumar/Nazron se kah do pyar mein.mp35317405
Kishore Kumar/Neele neele amber par chand.mp35130053
Kishore Kumar/O hansini.mp38550390
Kishore Kumar/O MANJHI RE.mp33609291
Kishore Kumar/O MERE DIL KE CHAIN.mp34398730
Kishore Kumar/O mere soni.mp34368640
Kishore Kumar/O Meri Pran Sajni.mp35695488
Kishore Kumar/O meri sharmilee.mp33834068
Kishore Kumar/O SAATHI RE.mp35386664
Kishore Kumar/om shanti om.mp38713323
Kishore Kumar/Pag goongroo bandh meera nachi thi.mp311108605
Kishore Kumar/paisa ye paisa.mp34916508
Kishore Kumar/Pal bhar ke liye koi.mp35732352
Kishore Kumar/PAL PAL DIL KE PAAS.mp35245933
Kishore Kumar/Panna ki tamanna hai.mp35591168
Kishore Kumar/PARBAT KE PEECHHE .mp33740289
Kishore Kumar/PARDESIA .mp34701752
Kishore Kumar/Pelhle rock n roll [main balwan].mp39996150
Kishore Kumar/PHIR WOHI RAAT HAI.mp35393454
Kishore Kumar/Phoolon ka taron ka.mp310331179
Kishore Kumar/PHOOLON KE RANG SE.mp34789940
Kishore Kumar/Picchli Yaad Bhula Do.mp31931704
Kishore Kumar/Piya piya piya mora jiya.mp36869034
Kishore Kumar/Prem kahani mein.mp34737958
Kishore Kumar/Priye Praneshwari.mp33956864
Kishore Kumar/Pyaar Hi Jeene Ki Surat.mp34998373
Kishore Kumar/Pyaar Ke Is Khel Mein.mp35892224
Kishore Kumar/pyar bantate chalo.mp35811432
Kishore Kumar/PYAR DIWANA HOTA HAI.mp34598525
Kishore Kumar/Pyar Hamein Kis Mod Pe Le Aaya (Satte Pe Satta).mp310026595
Kishore Kumar/Pyar hua hai jabse.mp34525372
Kishore Kumar/PYAR JAB NA.mp35527483
Kishore Kumar/PYAR KA BADLA MUJHE.mp35772231
Kishore Kumar/Pyar kar liya toh kya.mp33539251
Kishore Kumar/Pyar ko chahiye kya.mp35142990
Kishore Kumar/PYAR MANGA HAI TUMHEE SE.mp34551703
Kishore Kumar/Raahi Naye Naye.mp33502080
Kishore Kumar/Raat kali ek khwab.mp36948281
Kishore Kumar/Rafta Rafta Dekho.mp34640896
Kishore Kumar/Ram Ka Naam Badnam Na Karo.mp36766592
Kishore Kumar/RIMJHIM GIRE SAWAN.mp33100812
Kishore Kumar/Rimjhim rimjhim dekho.mp33465846
Kishore Kumar/ROCHKY MERA NAAM.mp35891050
Kishore Kumar/RONA KABHI NAHIN.mp33855801
Kishore Kumar/ROOP TERA AISA DARPAN ME.mp34516021
Kishore Kumar/ROOP TERA MASTANA.mp33623834
Kishore Kumar/Roop yeh tera jisne banaya.mp35863147
Kishore Kumar/rote huve aate hain sab.mp35177806
Kishore Kumar/RUK JAANA NAHIN.mp32861058
Kishore Kumar/RUK JANA NAHIN - II.mp33825143
Kishore Kumar/RUK JANA NAHIN - III.mp33762370
Kishore Kumar/Ruk jana o jana hamse.mp33496357
Kishore Kumar/Sa re ga ma pa .mp34955452
Kishore Kumar/Saala Main To Sahab Ban Gaya.mp35687296
Kishore Kumar/Saanso se nahin [Mohabbat].mp35543834
Kishore Kumar/Sachchai shup nai sakti.mp37856275
Kishore Kumar/Sagar kinare dil yeh .mp34080246
Kishore Kumar/Salam-e-ishq Meri Jaan.mp35639651
Kishore Kumar/SAMA HAI SUHANA.mp33302423
Kishore Kumar/SAMJHAUTA GHAMON SE KARLO.mp33795460
Kishore Kumar/Samne Yeh Kaun Aaya (Jawani Diwani).mp314137562
Kishore Kumar/SARA ZAMANA.mp34283218
Kishore Kumar/SAVERE KA SOORAJ.mp33633447
Kishore Kumar/Savere Ka Suraj.mp39011200
Kishore Kumar/Shayad meri shadi ka .mp36374006
Kishore Kumar/sheeshe ke gharoh mein dekho.mp34994827
Kishore Kumar/SHISHE KI UMAR.mp37451381
Kishore Kumar/Shokhiyon mein ghola.mp34898192
Kishore Kumar/Somvaar Ko Hum Mile.mp35877760
Kishore Kumar/Sun champa.mp35276445
Kishore Kumar/Sun ja aa thandi hawa.mp35565672
Kishore Kumar/Suniye kahiye.mp34913408
Kishore Kumar/Surma Mera Nirala.mp33227648
Kishore Kumar/Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle Ka (Aa Gale Lag Jaa).mp38348583
Kishore Kumar/TERA PEECHHA NA CHHODUNGA.mp34655202
Kishore Kumar/Tera phoolon jaisa rang.mp35935566
Kishore Kumar/TERA SATH HAI .mp35331042
Kishore Kumar/Tere chehre mein woh.mp33605598
Kishore Kumar/Tere chehre se nazar nahin .mp34842185
Kishore Kumar/TERE JAISA YAAR KAHAN.mp34496294
Kishore Kumar/Tere mere milan.mp34759847
Kishore Kumar/TERE SAU DIWANE.mp34055430
Kishore Kumar/TERI DUNIYA SE HOKE.mp35416305
Kishore Kumar/Thada hai thode ki jaroorat.mp37095821
Kishore Kumar/Thandi Hawa Yeh Chandni.mp34364288
Kishore Kumar/thodi si joh pee lee hai.mp36575879
Kishore Kumar/Tota maina ki kahani.mp35163178
Kishore Kumar/Tu mera kya laage.mp38697524
Kishore Kumar/TU RUTHA DIL TUTHA.mp33715872
Kishore Kumar/Tu Tu Hai Wahi (Yeh Vaada Raha).mp39840031
Kishore Kumar/Tujh Sang Preet.mp35394154
Kishore Kumar/Tum aa gaye ho noor aa gaya.mp34086016
Kishore Kumar/Tum Bhi Chalo.mp35419008
Kishore Kumar/TUM BIN JAOON KAHAN.mp33172856
Kishore Kumar/TUM HO HASEENA.mp33016539
Kishore Kumar/Tum ho mere dil ki dhadkan.mp33170988
Kishore Kumar/Tum jo chale gaye toh hogi badi .mp35205392
Kishore Kumar/Tum Kitni Khoobsurat Ho.mp35773312
Kishore Kumar/Tum Saath Ho Jab Apne (Kaalia).mp36875769
Kishore Kumar/TUM SE BADHAKAR .mp34801013
Kishore Kumar/Tumse Mila Tha Pyar .mp33782369
Kishore Kumar/tune abhi dekha nahi.mp35251785
Kishore Kumar/TUNE HUMEN KYA DIYA RE ZINDAGI.mp34703840
Kishore Kumar/ULFAT MEIN ZAMANE KI.mp34398993
Kishore Kumar/Vaada Tera Vaada.mp37858176
Kishore Kumar/Wada Karo .mp35050875
Kishore Kumar/WOH SHAM KUCH AJEEB THI.mp35736182
Kishore Kumar/YAADON MEIN WOH.mp35464583
Kishore Kumar/Yaar Hamari Baat Suno.mp34788224
Kishore Kumar/YE DARD BHARA AFSANA.mp35769135
Kishore Kumar/Ye Kya hua.mp34387028
Kishore Kumar/yeh dil na hota bechara.mp34252026
Kishore Kumar/YEH JEEVAN HAI.mp33452052
Kishore Kumar/Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai.mp33940732
Kishore Kumar/Yeh joh hua.mp34423298
Kishore Kumar/YEH LAAL RANG.mp33312454
Kishore Kumar/Yeh Naina Yeh Kajaal.mp310687825
Kishore Kumar/YEH SHAM MASTANI.mp34514349
Kishore Kumar/Yeh wohi geet hai.mp36625561
Kishore Kumar/Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai.mp34227239
Kishore Kumar/Zarurat hai zarurat hai.mp37904333
Kishore Kumar/Zindagi Aa Raha Hoon Main.mp310157858
Kishore Kumar/Zindagi ek safar hai.mp34185153
Kishore Kumar/ZINDAGI HASNE GANE KE LIYE HAI.mp33581202
Kishore Kumar/ZINDAGI KA SAFAR.mp33827380
Kishore Kumar/ZINDAGI KE SAFAR MEIN.mp36422070
Kishore Kumar/ZINDAGI KI YAHI REET HAI.mp35069889
Kishore Kumar/ZINDAGI MILKE BITAYENGE [SAD].mp31781732
Kishore Kumar/Zindagi Pyar Ka Geet Hai (Part-2).mp31998582


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