Bardo Pond - 9 Albums (Psychedelic Rock 1995 to 2008)

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Size801.4 MB
Age8 years
DateDecember 12th 2017 anonymous
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Torrent NameSize
Bardo Pond/(1995) Bufo Alvarius, Amen/01 - Adhesive.mp36580269
Bardo Pond/(1995) Bufo Alvarius, Amen/02 - Back Porch.mp38187517
Bardo Pond/(1995) Bufo Alvarius, Amen/04 - Capillary River.mp311065208
Bardo Pond/(1995) Bufo Alvarius, Amen/05 - No Time to Waste.mp312716768
Bardo Pond/(1995) Bufo Alvarius, Amen/06 - Absence.mp315875787
Bardo Pond/(1995) Bufo Alvarius, Amen/07 - Vent.mp38125847
Bardo Pond/(1995) Bufo Alvarius, Amen/Bardopondbufoalvariusamen.jpg8254
Bardo Pond/(1996) Amanita/01 - limerick.mp314875637
Bardo Pond/(1996) Amanita/02 - sentence.mp37363657
Bardo Pond/(1996) Amanita/03 - tantric porno.mp38966744
Bardo Pond/(1996) Amanita/04 - wank.mp37843888
Bardo Pond/(1996) Amanita/05 - the high frequency.mp39883333
Bardo Pond/(1996) Amanita/06 - sometimes words.mp36625757
Bardo Pond/(1996) Amanita/07 - yellow turban.mp310998781
Bardo Pond/(1996) Amanita/08 - rumination.mp39160465
Bardo Pond/(1996) Amanita/09 - be a fish.mp36764304
Bardo Pond/(1996) Amanita/10 - tapir song.mp310842543
Bardo Pond/(1996) Amanita/11 - rm.mp313389787
Bardo Pond/(1996) Amanita/Bardopondamanita.jpg18252
Bardo Pond/(1997) Lapsed/01-bardo pond - tommy gun angel.mp37578387
Bardo Pond/(1997) Lapsed/02-bardo pond - pick my brain.mp39687409
Bardo Pond/(1997) Lapsed/03-bardo pond - flux.mp313139961
Bardo Pond/(1997) Lapsed/04-bardo pond - amandamide.mp33449365
Bardo Pond/(1997) Lapsed/05-bardo pond - green man.mp39271744
Bardo Pond/(1997) Lapsed/06-bardo pond - straw dog.mp34886307
Bardo Pond/(1997) Lapsed/07 - Aldrin.mp320641308
Bardo Pond/(1997) Lapsed/08 - Amen.mp345051800
Bardo Pond/(1997) Lapsed/AlbumArt_{108777A5-B96B-443E-BE5E-B5CF59C4E204}_Large.jpg13044
Bardo Pond/(1997) Lapsed/AlbumArt_{108777A5-B96B-443E-BE5E-B5CF59C4E204}_Small.jpg2878
Bardo Pond/(1997) Lapsed/AlbumArtSmall.jpg2878
Bardo Pond/(1999) Set and Setting/01 walking stick man.mp321239514
Bardo Pond/(1999) Set and Setting/02 this time (so fucked).mp37756068
Bardo Pond/(1999) Set and Setting/03 datura.mp315515628
Bardo Pond/(1999) Set and Setting/04 again.mp312653495
Bardo Pond/(1999) Set and Setting/05 lull.mp34429653
Bardo Pond/(1999) Set and Setting/06 cross current.mp312742870
Bardo Pond/(1999) Set and Setting/07 crawl away.mp318198071
Bardo Pond/(1999) Set and Setting/08 #3.mp32398370
Bardo Pond/(1999) Set and Setting/Bardopondsetandsetting.jpg6871
Bardo Pond/(2001) Dilate/01 - two planes.mp310688095
Bardo Pond/(2001) Dilate/02 - sunrise.mp38741911
Bardo Pond/(2001) Dilate/03 - inside.mp316855007
Bardo Pond/(2001) Dilate/04 - aphasia.mp38694659
Bardo Pond/(2001) Dilate/05 - favorite uncle.mp38596863
Bardo Pond/(2001) Dilate/06 - swig.mp36310407
Bardo Pond/(2001) Dilate/07 - despite the roar.mp310263268
Bardo Pond/(2001) Dilate/08 - lb..mp312277610
Bardo Pond/(2001) Dilate/Bardoponddilate.jpg8490
Bardo Pond/(2003) On the Elipse/01 - jd.mp37117873
Bardo Pond/(2003) On the Elipse/02 - every man.mp38637154
Bardo Pond/(2003) On the Elipse/03 - dom's lament.mp36485918
Bardo Pond/(2003) On the Elipse/04 - test.mp39465967
Bardo Pond/(2003) On the Elipse/05 - walking clouds.mp36923522
Bardo Pond/(2003) On the Elipse/06 - night of frogs.mp312430985
Bardo Pond/(2003) On the Elipse/Bardopondontheellipse.jpg6307
Bardo Pond/(2006) Bardo Pond Presents Sublimation/01 - Dechemia - Velum.mp35907971
Bardo Pond/(2006) Bardo Pond Presents Sublimation/02 - 500mg - Descent.mp324584031
Bardo Pond/(2006) Bardo Pond Presents Sublimation/03 - Bardo Pond - Dual States (For HST).mp326145258
Bardo Pond/(2006) Bardo Pond Presents Sublimation/04 - Takeda - Hope Street.mp332048223
Bardo Pond/(2006) Bardo Pond Presents Sublimation/Bardo Pond Presents Sublimation.m3u129
Bardo Pond/(2006) Bardo Pond Presents Sublimation/folder.jpg58716
Bardo Pond/(2006) Ticket Crystals/01 - Destroying Angel.mp315118002
Bardo Pond/(2006) Ticket Crystals/02 - Isle.mp317134126
Bardo Pond/(2006) Ticket Crystals/03 - Lost Word.mp39736592
Bardo Pond/(2006) Ticket Crystals/04 - Cry Baby Cry.mp37035560
Bardo Pond/(2006) Ticket Crystals/05 - FCII.mp330453484
Bardo Pond/(2006) Ticket Crystals/06 - Moonshine.mp316602174
Bardo Pond/(2006) Ticket Crystals/07 - Endurance.mp38383313
Bardo Pond/(2006) Ticket Crystals/08 - Montana Sacra II.mp319081225
Bardo Pond/(2006) Ticket Crystals/Bardo Pond - Ticket Crystals.m3u167
Bardo Pond/(2006) Ticket Crystals/folder.jpg30696
Bardo Pond/(2008) Bartholith/01 A Tune.mp316579216
Bardo Pond/(2008) Bartholith/02 Push Yer Head.mp37633234
Bardo Pond/(2008) Bartholith/03 Hypnotists.mp316124478
Bardo Pond/(2008) Bartholith/04 Splint.mp312892682
Bardo Pond/(2008) Bartholith/05 Slip Away.mp311970560
Bardo Pond/(2008) Bartholith/06 SSH.mp322026561
Bardo Pond/(2008) Bartholith/07_Bonus_Threefold.mp329202708
Bardo Pond/(2008) Bartholith/tlr-043.jpg112028
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