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Miles Davis Discography MP3 18 Albums

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Size1.5 GB
Age8 years
DateFebruary 25th 2018 sosodef
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Miles Davis Discography MP3 18 Albums



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Torrent NameSize
Miles Davis/Birth of the Cool/01 - Move.mp34966050
Miles Davis/Birth of the Cool/02 - Jeru.mp36236085
Miles Davis/Birth of the Cool/03 - Moon Dreams.mp36457360
Miles Davis/Birth of the Cool/04 - Venus de Milo.mp36217715
Miles Davis/Birth of the Cool/05 - Budo.mp34938495
Miles Davis/Birth of the Cool/06 - Deception.mp35447010
Miles Davis/Birth of the Cool/07 - Godchild.mp36166780
Miles Davis/Birth of the Cool/08 - Boplicity.mp35838625
Miles Davis/Birth of the Cool/09 - Rocker.mp36006460
Miles Davis/Birth of the Cool/10 - Israel.mp34462545
Miles Davis/Birth of the Cool/11 - Rouge.mp36310400
Miles Davis/Birth of the Cool/12 - Darn That Dream.mp36618515
Miles Davis/Bitches Brew (Disc 1)/01 - Pharaoh's Dance.mp332830628
Miles Davis/Bitches Brew (Disc 1)/02 - Bitches Brew.mp342708433
Miles Davis/Bitches Brew (Disk 2)/01 - Spanish Key.mp330314883
Miles Davis/Bitches Brew (Disk 2)/02 - John McLaughlin.mp37351235
Miles Davis/Bitches Brew (Disk 2)/03 - Miles Runs The Voodoo Down.mp322207388
Miles Davis/Bitches Brew (Disk 2)/04 - Sanctuary.mp316756324
Miles Davis/Bitches Brew (Disk 2)/05 - Feio.mp316821246
Miles Davis/Bye Bye BlackBird/01 - I Could Write A Book (Rodgers - Hart).mp36173427
Miles Davis/Bye Bye BlackBird/02 - 'Round Midnight (Monk - Hanghen - Williams).mp37141543
Miles Davis/Bye Bye BlackBird/03 - Ah-Leu-Cha (Parker).mp37039099
Miles Davis/Bye Bye BlackBird/04 - All Of You (Porter).mp38449711
Miles Davis/Bye Bye BlackBird/05 - Bye Bye Blackbird (Dixon - Henderson).mp39522328
Miles Davis/Bye Bye BlackBird/06 - Well, You Needn't (T. Monk).mp37628953
Miles Davis/Bye Bye BlackBird/07 - Diane (Pollack - Rapee).mp39393267
Miles Davis/Dark Magus CD1/01 - Moja (Part 1) .mp323966277
Miles Davis/Dark Magus CD1/02 - Moja (Part 2).mp324320563
Miles Davis/Dark Magus CD1/03 - Wili (Part 1).mp327537177
Miles Davis/Dark Magus CD1/04 - Wili (Part 2).mp320599890
Miles Davis/Dark Magus CD2/01 - Tatu (Part 1).mp336087927
Miles Davis/Dark Magus CD2/02 - Tatu (Part 2).mp312543333
Miles Davis/Dark Magus CD2/03 - Nne (Part 1).mp329426375
Miles Davis/Dark Magus CD2/04 - Nne (Part 2).mp319550000
Miles Davis/Dig/01 - Dig (Davis).mp39095457
Miles Davis/Dig/02 - It's Only A Papermoon (Arlene-Harburg-Rose).mp36499457
Miles Davis/Dig/03 - Denial (Davis).mp36807134
Miles Davis/Dig/04 - Bluing (Davis).mp311928701
Miles Davis/Dig/05 - Donna (Parker).mp33856865
Miles Davis/Dig/06 - Yesterdays (O. Harbach - J. Kern).mp34489584
Miles Davis/Dig/07 - Chance It (Davis).mp33659904
Miles Davis/Dig/08 - How Deep Is The Ocean (Berlin).mp35573126
Miles Davis/Dig/09 - Dear Old Stockholm (Davis).mp35045448
Miles Davis/Dig/10 - Woody 'N' You (Davis).mp34055926
Miles Davis/Doo-Bop/01 - Mystery.mp39484416
Miles Davis/Doo-Bop/02 - The Doo Bop Song.mp312083328
Miles Davis/Doo-Bop/03 - Chocolate Chip.mp311243648
Miles Davis/Doo-Bop/04 - High Speed Chase.mp311204736
Miles Davis/Doo-Bop/05 - Blow.mp312284032
Miles Davis/Doo-Bop/06 - Sonya.mp313283456
Miles Davis/Doo-Bop/07 - Fantasy.mp311122816
Miles Davis/Doo-Bop/08 - Duke Booty.mp311843712
Miles Davis/Doo-Bop/09 - Mystery (reprise).mp33524736
Miles Davis/Four/01 - Salt Peanuts.mp37385473
Miles Davis/Four/02 - Surrey With The Fringe On Top.mp310927176
Miles Davis/Four/03 - It Never Entered My Mind.mp36520307
Miles Davis/Four/04 - Four.mp38729715
Miles Davis/Four/05 - In Your Own Sweet Way.mp36912657
Miles Davis/Four/06 - If I Were A Bell.mp39733357
Miles Davis/Four/07 - You're My Everything.mp35734026
Miles Davis/Green Haze/01 - Bags' Groove (Take 2) (Milt Jackson).mp311258936
Miles Davis/Green Haze/02 - Green Haze (Davis).mp36992592
Miles Davis/Green Haze/03 - Easy Living (Robin - Rainger).mp36130572
Miles Davis/Green Haze/04 - Nature Boy (Eden Ahbez).mp37529159
Miles Davis/Green Haze/05 - Dr. Jackle (Jackie McLean).mp310657065
Miles Davis/Green Haze/06 - Just Squeeze Me (Ellington - Gaines).mp38960689
Miles Davis/Green Haze/07 - There Is No Greater Love (Symes - Jones).mp36362026
Miles Davis/Half Nelson/01 - When I Fall In Love.mp35319174
Miles Davis/Half Nelson/02 - Trane's Blues.mp310301242
Miles Davis/Half Nelson/03 - Ahmad's Blues.mp38944964
Miles Davis/Half Nelson/04 - Half Nelson.mp35761158
Miles Davis/Half Nelson/05 - Oleo.mp37050033
Miles Davis/Half Nelson/06 - It Could Happen To You.mp37804989
Miles Davis/Half Nelson/07 - Woody 'n' You.mp35843707
Miles Davis/Kind of Blue/01 - So What.mp318077220
Miles Davis/Kind of Blue/02 - Freddie Freeloader.mp318832895
Miles Davis/Kind of Blue/03 - Blue in Green.mp310793515
Miles Davis/Kind of Blue/04 - All Blues.mp322243035
Miles Davis/Kind of Blue/05 - Flamenco Sketches.mp318094755
Miles Davis/Kind of Blue/06 - Flamenco Sketches [Alternate Take][*].mp318289310
Miles Davis/Miles Davis' Greatest Hits/01 - Seven Steps To Heaven.mp37740282
Miles Davis/Miles Davis' Greatest Hits/02 - All Blues.mp310688944
Miles Davis/Miles Davis' Greatest Hits/03 - Someday My Prince Will Come.mp311013942
Miles Davis/Miles Davis' Greatest Hits/04 - Walkin'.mp315813638
Miles Davis/Miles Davis' Greatest Hits/05 - My Funny Valentine.mp318212769
Miles Davis/Miles Davis' Greatest Hits/06 - E.S.P..mp36641527
Miles Davis/Miles Davis' Greatest Hits/07 - 'Round Midnight.mp37158825
Miles Davis/Miles Davis' Greatest Hits/08 - So What.mp311252142
Miles Davis/My Funny Valentine/01 - Dear Old Stockholm (Trad. arr. S. Getz).mp39384411
Miles Davis/My Funny Valentine/02 - Tadd's Delight (T. Dameron).mp35373547
Miles Davis/My Funny Valentine/03 - Sweet Sue, Just You (Young - Harris).mp34420090
Miles Davis/My Funny Valentine/04 - My Funny Valentine (Rodgers - Hart).mp37184888
Miles Davis/My Funny Valentine/05 - Israel (Carisi).mp32733596
Miles Davis/My Funny Valentine/06 - Rouge (Davis).mp33886116
Miles Davis/My Funny Valentine/07 - Darn That Dream.mp34082573
Miles Davis/My Funny Valentine/08 - Odjenar (G. Russell).mp33448838
Miles Davis/My Funny Valentine/09 - Hibeck (L. Konitz).mp33720508
Miles Davis/My Funny Valentine/10 - Yesterdays (Kern - Harbach).mp32912295
Miles Davis/My Funny Valentine/11 - Ezz-Thetic (Russell).mp33455105
Miles Davis/My Funny Valentine/12 - Morpheus (Lewis).mp32846446
Miles Davis/My Funny Valentine/13 - Down (Davis).mp33398148
Miles Davis/No Line/01 - Bemsha Swing (Monk - Best).mp311379588
Miles Davis/No Line/02 - Swing Spring (Davis).mp312872741
Miles Davis/No Line/03 - The Man I Love (Gershwin - Gershwin).mp39556774
Miles Davis/No Line/04 - No Line (Davis).mp36814941
Miles Davis/No Line/05 - Vierd Blues (Davis).mp38256904
Miles Davis/No Line/06 - In Your Own Sweet Way (D. Brubeck).mp35522421
Miles Davis/No Line/07 - Something I Dreamed Last Night (Yellen - Magidson - Fain).mp37469611
Miles Davis/Round About Midnight/01 - 'Round Midnight .mp311465093
Miles Davis/Round About Midnight/02 - Ah-Leu-Cha.mp311301134
Miles Davis/Round About Midnight/03 - All of You.mp313553098
Miles Davis/Round About Midnight/04 - Bye Bye Blackbird.mp315279270
Miles Davis/Round About Midnight/05 - Tadd's Delight.mp38621180
Miles Davis/Round About Midnight/06 - Dear Old Stockholm.mp315120445
Miles Davis/Round About Midnight/07 - Two Bass Hit.mp37195939
Miles Davis/Round About Midnight/08 - Little Melonae.mp314152452
Miles Davis/Round About Midnight/09 - Budo.mp38232478
Miles Davis/Round About Midnight/10 - Sweet Sue, Just You.mp37046310
Miles Davis/Sorcerer/01 - Prince of Darkness.mp315580711
Miles Davis/Sorcerer/02 - Pee Wee.mp311600683
Miles Davis/Sorcerer/03 - Masqualero.mp321366303
Miles Davis/Sorcerer/04 - The Sorcerer.mp312508705
Miles Davis/Sorcerer/05 - Limbo.mp317497040
Miles Davis/Sorcerer/06 - Vonetta.mp313500308
Miles Davis/Sorcerer/07 - Nothing Like You.mp34852741
Miles Davis/Sorcerer/08 - Masqualero (Alternate Take).mp317067609
Miles Davis/Sorcerer/09 - Limbo (Alternate Take).mp313145057
Miles Davis/The Serpent's Tooth/01 - Compulsion.mp36986343
Miles Davis/The Serpent's Tooth/02 - The Serpent's Tooth (Take 1).mp38413691
Miles Davis/The Serpent's Tooth/03 - The Serpent's Tooth (Take 2).mp37549038
Miles Davis/The Serpent's Tooth/04 - Tasty Pudding.mp34029285
Miles Davis/The Serpent's Tooth/05 - Floppy.mp37226665
Miles Davis/The Serpent's Tooth/06 - Willie The Wailer.mp35329142
Miles Davis/The Serpent's Tooth/07 - For Adults Only.mp36684372
Miles Davis/The Serpent's Tooth/08 - Ray's Idea.mp34497918
Miles Davis/The Serpent's Tooth/09 - Kelo.mp33974419
Miles Davis/The Serpent's Tooth/10 - Enigma.mp34077866
Miles Davis/The Serpent's Tooth/11 - Tempus Fugit.mp34633758
Miles Davis/The Serpent's Tooth/12 - I Waited For You.mp34182889
Miles Davis/Tune Up/01 - C.T.A..mp34286815
Miles Davis/Tune Up/02 - Tune Up (Davis).mp34635820
Miles Davis/Tune Up/03 - Smooch (Davis - Mingus).mp33726253
Miles Davis/Tune Up/04 - Well You Needn't (Davis).mp36460743
Miles Davis/Tune Up/05 - Take Off (Davis).mp34409078
Miles Davis/Tune Up/06 - Weirdo (Davis).mp35679672
Miles Davis/Tune Up/07 - Lazy Susan (Davis).mp34848460
Miles Davis/Tune Up/08 - It Never Entered My Mind (Rodgers - Hart).mp34845357
Miles Davis/Tune Up/09 - The Leap (Davis).mp35428376
Miles Davis/Tune Up/10 - Old Devil Moon (Harburg - Lane).mp34073691
Miles Davis/Tune Up/11 - I'll Remember April (DePaul - Johnston - Raye).mp39428799
Miles Davis/Tune Up/12 - Solar (Davis).mp35618032
Miles Davis/Walkin'/01 - You Don't Know What Love Is (Raye - DePaul).mp35257047
Miles Davis/Walkin'/02 - Love Me Or Leave Me (Donalson - Kahn).mp38349942
Miles Davis/Walkin'/03 - Walkin' (Carpenter).mp316128137
Miles Davis/Walkin'/04 - Blue 'N' Boogie (Carpenter).mp39963770
Miles Davis/Walkin'/05 - But Not For Me (G. & I. Gershwin).mp35566330
Miles Davis/Walkin'/06 - Airegin (Rollins).mp35990533
Miles Davis/Walkin'/07 - Oleo (Rollins).mp36249665
Miles Davis/Walkin'/08 - Doxy (Rollins).mp35826481


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