Lara Fabian:: Discography (1991 - 2006)

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Size1.7 GB
Age9 years
DateJanuary 21st 2018 anonymous
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Torrent NameSize
Lara Fabian/1991 - Eponyme/01 Qui pense а l'amour.mp310803488
Lara Fabian/1991 - Eponyme/02 Les murs.mp310537027
Lara Fabian/1991 - Eponyme/03 Pourquoi pas l'exotisme.mp310518234
Lara Fabian/1991 - Eponyme/04 Je m'arrкterai pas de t'aimer.mp36542404
Lara Fabian/1991 - Eponyme/05 Le jour oщ tu partiras.mp38603981
Lara Fabian/1991 - Eponyme/06 Simplement.mp38070025
Lara Fabian/1991 - Eponyme/07 Reveille-toi brother.mp310405382
Lara Fabian/1991 - Eponyme/08 Dire.mp39877692
Lara Fabian/1991 - Eponyme/09 Il suffit d'un йclair.mp310149384
Lara Fabian/1991 - Eponyme/10 Croire.mp36600895
Lara Fabian/1991 - Eponyme/11 - Glaub (Croire - German version).mp33284992
Lara Fabian/1991 - Eponyme/12 - Trust (Croire - English version).mp32619392
Lara Fabian/1991 - Eponyme/Lara Fabian - 1991 BACK.jpg1389494
Lara Fabian/1991 - Eponyme/Lara Fabian - 1991 FACE.jpg2062405
Lara Fabian/1994 - Capre Diem/01 Puisque C'Est L'Amour.mp310767963
Lara Fabian/1994 - Capre Diem/02 Tu T'En Vas.mp39011480
Lara Fabian/1994 - Capre Diem/03 Leila.mp312685335
Lara Fabian/1994 - Capre Diem/04 Il Existe Un Endroit.mp38472322
Lara Fabian/1994 - Capre Diem/05 Je Suis Malade.mp310574650
Lara Fabian/1994 - Capre Diem/06 Je Vivrai.mp312045862
Lara Fabian/1994 - Capre Diem/07 Au Loin Lа-Bas.mp310598684
Lara Fabian/1994 - Capre Diem/08 Ramиne-Moi.mp310932002
Lara Fabian/1994 - Capre Diem/09 Pas Sans Toi.mp311394893
Lara Fabian/1994 - Capre Diem/10 Dites-Moi Pourquoi Je L'Aime.mp311798241
Lara Fabian/1994 - Capre Diem/11 Saisir Le Jour.mp39994733
Lara Fabian/1994 - Capre Diem/12 Si Tu M'Aimes.mp38408577
Lara Fabian/1994 - Capre Diem/13 Bridge Of Hope.mp311023957
Lara Fabian/1994 - Capre Diem/Fabian Carpe Diem BACK.jpg397903
Lara Fabian/1994 - Capre Diem/Fabian Carpe Diem FACE.jpg800998
Lara Fabian/1996 - Pure/01 - Tout.mp35816448
Lara Fabian/1996 - Pure/02 - Si tu m'aimes (nouvelle version).mp35042304
Lara Fabian/1996 - Pure/03 - J'ai zappe.mp37147648
Lara Fabian/1996 - Pure/04 - La difference.mp35593216
Lara Fabian/1996 - Pure/05 - Humana.mp38192128
Lara Fabian/1996 - Pure/06 - Urgent desir.mp35197952
Lara Fabian/1996 - Pure/07 - Les amoureux de l'an deux mille.mp36854784
Lara Fabian/1996 - Pure/08 - Ici.mp34038784
Lara Fabian/1996 - Pure/09 - Alleluia.mp36248576
Lara Fabian/1996 - Pure/10 - Je t'aime.mp35595264
Lara Fabian/1996 - Pure/11 - Je t'appartiens.mp33371136
Lara Fabian/1996 - Pure/12 - Perdere l'amore.mp36254720
Lara Fabian/1996 - Pure/Pure a.jpg49129
Lara Fabian/1996 - Pure/Pure b.jpg64150
Lara Fabian/1996 - Pure/Pure c.jpg40628
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/01 Adagio.mp310712566
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/02 Part Of Me.mp310865125
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/03 Givin' Up On You.mp311065751
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/04 You Are My Heart.mp310045931
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/05 I Am Who I Am.mp39110744
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/06 To Love Again.mp39047005
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/07 You're Not From Here.mp311602833
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/08 Till I Get Over You.mp39015664
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/09 Love By Grace.mp39968605
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/10 Yeliel (My Angel).mp312123190
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/11 I Will Love Again.mp39040741
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/12 Broken Vow.mp312679069
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/13 Adagio (Italian).mp310734520
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/14 - Quedate.mp35470208
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/15 - Sola otra vez.mp34788224
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/16 - Sin ti.mp35079168
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/17 - Otro amor vendra (I will love again).mp34478976
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/18 - Otro amor vendra (Ballad Reprise).mp34731008
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/19 - Before we say goodbye.mp35333120
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/20 - Ivy.mp31853568
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/21 - Light of my life (duo Lee-Hom Wang).mp35095552
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/22 - Meu grande amor.mp34507648
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/Fabian 1999 BACK.jpg407324
Lara Fabian/1999 - Adagio (Lara Fabian)/Fabian 1999 FACE.jpg2732177
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd1/01 Ouverture Tout.mp34812042
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd1/02 Alleluia.mp310264314
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd1/03 Les Amoureux De L'an Deux Mille.mp312920467
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd1/04 Leila.mp314829470
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd1/05 La Diffence.mp310431500
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd1/06 Perdere L'amore.mp313410508
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd1/07 J'ai Zappй.mp313097035
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd1/08 Si Tu M'aimes.mp310902751
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd1/09 Evidemment.mp310295662
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd1/10 Tout.mp311290400
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd2/1 Humana.mp314075052
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd2/2 Urgent dйsir.mp310774227
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd2/3 Ici.mp38447229
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd2/4 Dites-moi pourquoi je l'aime.mp312792985
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd2/5 Rйveille-toi brother.mp317808488
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd2/6 Je suis malade.mp313071958
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd2/7 Je t'aime.mp315085472
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd2/8 Je t'appartiens.mp39146278
Lara Fabian/1999 - Live/cd2/9 Requiem pour un fou (avec Johnny Hallyday au Stade de France 98).mp39738784
Lara Fabian/2001 - Nue/01 J'y crois encore.mp38370951
Lara Fabian/2001 - Nue/02 Aimer dйjа.mp39898588
Lara Fabian/2001 - Nue/03 S'en aller.mp311419958
Lara Fabian/2001 - Nue/04 Silence.mp39127449
Lara Fabian/2001 - Nue/05 Parce que tu pars.mp310750185
Lara Fabian/2001 - Nue/06 Je suis mon coeur.mp313878610
Lara Fabian/2001 - Nue/07 Tango.mp39641536
Lara Fabian/2001 - Nue/08 Imagine.mp39693783
Lara Fabian/2001 - Nue/09 Tu es mon autre (Duo avec Maurane).mp38907002
Lara Fabian/2001 - Nue/10 Rio.mp38574695
Lara Fabian/2001 - Nue/11 Bambina.mp310564184
Lara Fabian/2001 - Nue/12 Immortelle.mp312731306
Lara Fabian/2001 - Nue/13 Le roi est une femme.mp312618467
Lara Fabian/2001 - Nue/14 Piano nocturne par Matt Herskowitz.mp340445158
Lara Fabian/2001 - Nue/Fabian Nue BACK.jpg1524297
Lara Fabian/2001 - Nue/Fabian Nue FACE.jpg2943047
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD1/01 - Tu me manques.mp33108992
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD1/02 - Immortelle.mp34069376
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD1/03 - Tout.mp34253696
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD1/04 - Alleluia.mp34061184
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD1/05 - Aimer dejа.mp34003840
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD1/06 - La difference.mp34153344
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD1/07 - Africa-Rio.mp35066752
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD1/08 - Tango.mp35193728
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD1/09 - Pas sans toi.mp34409344
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD1/10 - Si tu m'aimes.mp34700160
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD1/11 - Tu es mon autre (duo avec Rick Allison).mp33807232
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD2/01 - S'en aller.mp35009408
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD2/02 - Parce que tu pars.mp34300800
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD2/03 - Humana.mp36830080
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD2/04 - Je t'aime.mp34833280
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD2/05 - Silence.mp34401152
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD2/06 - J'y crois encore.mp33743744
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD2/07 - Immortelle.mp35226496
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD2/08 - Je suis mon coeur.mp35949440
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/CD2/09 - Comme ils disent.mp35326848
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/Live 2002 a.jpg1057096
Lara Fabian/2002 - Live/Live 2002 b.jpg1878383
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/01 J'y crois encore.mp312172309
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/02 Comme ils disent.mp313057338
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/03 Caruso.mp312061540
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/04 S'en aller.mp39035520
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/05 Voir un ami pleurer.mp310661390
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/06 Je t'aime.mp311254882
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/07 Je suis mon coeur.mp312896425
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/08 Addio del passato.mp313105404
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/09 Mistral gagnant.mp310022953
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/10 Si tu m'aimes _ Parce que tu pars.mp313075119
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/11 Tu es mon autre (avec Maurane).mp310379279
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/12 Medley Starmania.mp314208816
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/13 Calling You.mp313088681
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/14 Tout.mp39484821
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/15 Immortelle.mp37811945
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/16 Bambina (version guitare _ voix).mp39580979
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/Fabian En toute intimite BACK.jpg247314
Lara Fabian/2003 - En toute intimite/Fabian En toute intimite FACE.jpg281928
Lara Fabian/2004 - A wonderful life/01 No Big Deal.mp39495271
Lara Fabian/2004 - A wonderful life/02 I Am.mp39585125
Lara Fabian/2004 - A wonderful life/03 The Last Goodbye.mp310498378
Lara Fabian/2004 - A wonderful life/04 I Guess I Loved You.mp38596666
Lara Fabian/2004 - A wonderful life/05 Conquered.mp39035514
Lara Fabian/2004 - A wonderful life/06 Review My Kisses.mp312121104
Lara Fabian/2004 - A wonderful life/07 Unbreakable.mp37672969
Lara Fabian/2004 - A wonderful life/08 Wonderful Life.mp39036563
Lara Fabian/2004 - A wonderful life/09 Intoxicated.mp312876560
Lara Fabian/2004 - A wonderful life/10 I've Cried Enough.mp311947653
Lara Fabian/2004 - A wonderful life/11 Silence.mp37220525
Lara Fabian/2004 - A wonderful life/12 Walk Away.mp310380298
Lara Fabian/2004 - A wonderful life/Fabian Wonderful Life BACK.jpg1710994
Lara Fabian/2004 - A wonderful life/Fabian Wonderful Life FACE.jpg939117
Lara Fabian/2005 - Neuf (9)/01 La lettre.mp39315535
Lara Fabian/2005 - Neuf (9)/02 Un ave maria.mp311929873
Lara Fabian/2005 - Neuf (9)/03 Si tu n'as pas d'amour.mp39180756
Lara Fabian/2005 - Neuf (9)/04 Il ne manquait que toi.mp310897524
Lara Fabian/2005 - Neuf (9)/05 Ne lui parlez plus d'elle.mp39741870
Lara Fabian/2005 - Neuf (9)/06 Rien qu'une seul larme.mp38731450
Lara Fabian/2005 - Neuf (9)/07 Les homericains.mp38147345
Lara Fabian/2005 - Neuf (9)/08 Speranza.mp37350081
Lara Fabian/2005 - Neuf (9)/09 Le tour du monde.mp37969714
Lara Fabian/2005 - Neuf (9)/10 L'homme qui n'avait pas de maison.mp310495250
Lara Fabian/2005 - Neuf (9)/11 Je me souviens.mp37983296
Lara Fabian/2005 - Neuf (9)/Fabian 9 BACK.jpg251738
Lara Fabian/2005 - Neuf (9)/Fabian 9 FACE.jpg1389581
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/01 Aime.mp39635274
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/02 Les Homericaines.mp38410666
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/03 J'y crois encore.mp311692690
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/04 Il ne manquait que toi.mp310777365
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/05 Tu es mon autre.mp39284199
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/06 Si tu n'as pas d'amour.mp38787880
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/07 Silence.mp37245595
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/08 Un Ave Maria.mp39556915
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/09 Immortelle.mp37413827
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/10 Tout.mp39165071
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/11 Le Tour du monde.mp37925834
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/12 L'homme qui n'avais pas de maison.mp39091957
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/13 La lettre.mp311838970
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/14 Introduction to Papa.mp32480875
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/15 Papa, can you hear me_.mp37529824
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/16 A piece of sky.mp39885016
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/17 Je me souviens.mp39292558
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/Fabian Un regard 9 BACK.jpg1885844
Lara Fabian/2006 - Un regard 9 - Live/Fabian Un regard 9 FACE.jpg2779635
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/04 For Always - Lara Fabian and Josh Groban .mp34501376
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/06 Vision of love (live).mp31595264
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/08 Que Dieu aide les exclus.mp33282816
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/09 Ave Maria.mp34169600
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/10 L'hymne Е l'amour (avec Patrick Fiori).mp33983232
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/11 Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest World (avec Rick Allison).mp31924992
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/13 Je n'aurais pas le temps (M.Fugain) TF1.mp33045248
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/14 L'Aziza (duo LГГm) - TF1 nov 99.mp34007808
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/15 Ils s'aiment (duo A.Kavannagh) TF1nov99.mp33620736
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/16 Requiem pour un fou (JHalliday) Fr2 EnfoirВs07fev98.mp34056960
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/18 - RВpondez-moi (duo Laurence Jalbert) FR2.mp34218752
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/19 Grease - FR2 Vivement Dimanche.mp31879936
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/20 T'aime (duo Patrick Fiori) - FR2 VD.mp3984960
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/22 La diffВrence (PFiori) TF1 AnnВes T 050399.mp34249600
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/23 Fever (Marc Laurens) RTL Studio 22 avril 2000.mp3628608
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/24 Lara Fabian et Serge Lama - Les ballons rouges.mp34679552
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/25 Lara chante Brel.mp33948416
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/26 lara fabian - Ces oiseaux lЕ.mp34204416
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/27 lara fabian - Ramene-moi.mp34345728
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/28 Philippe Lavil & Lara Fabian - Emilie jolie.mp33684224
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/29 Syracuse (duo avec Henri Salvador) 26 sept 98.mp32639744
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/30 Voir un ami pleurer.mp34339584
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/31 - Live PBS - Lara Fabian - Part Of Me.mp34671360
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/32 - Live PBS - Lara Fabian - I Will Love Again.mp33594112
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/34 So In Love (duo Mario Frangoulis).mp33381640
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/35 Il y avait (InВdit).mp34273339
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/36 L'Aziza est en pleurs (InВdit).mp38293389
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/37 Maurane,Lara Fabian,Chimene Badi - Je suis.mp35540642
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/38 Mais la vie (duo avec Mauranne).mp33238892
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/39 Nolwenn Leroy - InВvitablement (coeur Lara Fabian).mp37487761
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/40 Lara Fabian & Jean-Felix Lalanne - J'ai mal Е Зa.mp35402624
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/41 Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime (avec Zucchero).mp35307056
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/42 Le blues du businessman.mp35349897
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/43 La solitudine (avec Laura Pausini).mp34167680
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/44 Il y a (avec Isabelle Boulay).mp31849344
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/45 Belle Ile en mer (avec Isabelle Boulay).mp33688448
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian & Carine - J'y Crois Encore - From Star Academy.mp34124735
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian & Florent Pagny - Et Maintenant.mp35081861
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian & Franck Olivier - Je Sais.mp35319576
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian & Jessica - Tout - From Star Academie.mp34530155
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian & Johnny Halliday - DerriКre L'Amour.mp35556767
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian & Johnny Halliday - Requiem Pour Un Fou (Live).mp37020669
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian & Laam - L'Aziza (Live).mp35145078
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian & Les Enfoires - Un Homme Heureux.mp33721404
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian & Maurane - Fais-Moi Une Place.mp33598106
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian & Michel Fugain - Je N'aurai Pas Le Temps.mp33354122
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian & Michel Sardou - Je Vais T'Aimer (Live).mp36705110
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian & Patrick Bruel - J'Te L'Dis Quand MИme.mp33167608
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian & Richard Marx - Surrender To Me.mp34426188
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian - Caruso.mp36281927
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian - Chanson De La Petite Fleur Triste.mp34717672
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian - For Always - From Artificial Intelligence.mp35649199
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian - Franglais (Live In Montreal).mp34473208
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian - Givin Up On You - From Dawson's Creek Volume 2.mp35525379
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian - I Will Love Again (Dance Mix).mp35800229
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian - I Will Love Again (Thunderpuss Club Mix).mp35797094
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian - Le FantУme De L'Opera (Live).mp31307167
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian - O Canada English.mp32427820
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian - Sa Raison D'Etre - From Ensemble.mp35184261
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian - Si Tu M'Aimes (Live TV).mp34550008
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian - The Dream Within.mp35579755
Lara Fabian/Various Artists/Lara Fabian - Un Autre Monde - La Petite Sirene.mp32663445


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