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Size1.93 GB
Age8 years ago
DateThursday 15 November 2007
CategoryMusic > Karaoke
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Torrent nameSize
audio 1/A MERE JOHARA_Fm.mp33.15 MB
audio 1/Aachal ki tuje D#.mp31.75 MB
audio 1/aaj mausam bada.mp34.53 MB
audio 1/Aaj mausam bada_B_LOAFER.mp33.78 MB
audio 1/AajPhirJeene_GUIDE.mp31.57 MB
audio 1/aane se uske.mp32.92 MB
audio 1/aanewala pal.mp33.05 MB
audio 1/Aankhein Gm.mp34.47 MB
audio 1/AapkeRAAZ-Gm.mp33.67 MB
audio 1/AapKiNazron_ANPADH.mp31.7 MB
audio 1/AapKiNazron_ANPADH2.mp31.81 MB
audio 1/AASHIQHI_G.mp35.81 MB
audio 1/AAYE HOO MERI ZINDAGI_E.mp35.05 MB
audio 1/AbToHaiTumse_KATIPATANG.mp31.72 MB
audio 1/Admi jo kahta hai.mp33.87 MB
audio 1/AgarTumNaHote.mp31.74 MB
audio 1/Ajeeb Dastan_DIL APNA AUR PREET PARAYA.mp32.33 MB
audio 1/Ajeeb Dastan_F.mp34.68 MB
audio 1/Ajnabee Em.mp35.01 MB
audio 1/ALBUM - Kaanta Laga.mp31.95 MB
audio 1/Arae Diwano_Am.mp32.06 MB
audio 1/Ashiqui har baarat.mp35.54 MB
audio 1/Aye gulbadan_E_PROFESSOR.mp33.23 MB
audio 1/Babuji dhre Em.mp32.11 MB
audio 1/Babuji Zara.mp32.21 MB
audio 1/badan pe sitare.mp33.33 MB
audio 1/bahaaron phool.mp32.9 MB
audio 1/BaharonMera_AAKHRI KHAT.mp31.63 MB
audio 1/Bahut Pyar.mp33.55 MB
audio 1/BAR BAR DEKHO_G.mp34.35 MB
audio 1/Bedardi_ARZOO.mp32.06 MB
audio 1/BEKARAR_Em.mp32.96 MB
audio 1/BOMBAY_TU HI RAE_D.mp36.63 MB
audio 1/Chalthe Chalthe Fm.mp33.49 MB
audio 1/chand si mehboob.mp32.85 MB
audio 1/Chandan sa badan E.mp32.69 MB
audio 1/Chandi ki Deewar Fm.mp32.86 MB
audio 1/chandi ki deewar.mp32.4 MB
audio 1/CHAUDVIN KA CHAND_G.mp33.52 MB
audio 1/Chehra hai ya chand_Am_SAGAR.mp34.64 MB
audio 1/Chhalkaye jaam_Am_MERE HAMDAM MERE DOST.mp34.46 MB
audio 1/Chhukar E.mp33.03 MB
audio 1/CHINGARI KOI_F.mp35.62 MB
audio 1/ChodDeSaari_SARASWATI CHANDRA.mp31.79 MB
audio 1/Choodi jogan ke Am.mp32.72 MB
audio 1/Choodi nahi mera_Cm.mp34.11 MB
audio 1/CHOORI CHOORI JAB_Dm.mp35.39 MB
audio 1/Churaliya Am.mp33.23 MB
audio 1/Criminal.mp34.05 MB
audio 1/DAAR_Gm.mp31.99 MB
audio 1/Danger_Gm.mp34.68 MB
audio 1/Deewana huva badal_A.mp34.73 MB
audio 1/Deewano Se Math_Fm.mp33.21 MB
audio 1/Dekha na hai re C.mp32.4 MB
audio 1/DEKHA NA HAIYERE_C.mp34.14 MB
audio 1/Dhire Dhire Chal Gm.mp32.83 MB
audio 1/Dhoom Machale_Em.mp35.61 MB
audio 1/DHOOM MACHALE_Fm..mp32.78 MB
audio 1/Dil Aaj Shayar_Dm.mp33.07 MB
audio 1/DIL DEWANA_G#.mp34.81 MB
audio 1/dil kya kare.mp34.4 MB
audio 1/Dil ne yea kaha Gm.mp33.55 MB
audio 1/Dil se Am.mp34.04 MB
audio 1/Dil to hai dil_E_MUQADDAR KA SIKANDAR.mp32.96 MB
audio 1/DIL TO PAGAL HAI_F#m.mp35.18 MB
audio 1/DilChiz_UMRAO JAAN.mp32.59 MB
audio 1/Dilki nazar se_Fm.mp34.17 MB
audio 1/Do no ne kiya tha_F#m_MAHUA.mp33.78 MB
audio 1/Do sitaronk A.mp31.54 MB
audio 1/DON - Khaike Pan Banaras (Am).mp33.3 MB
audio 1/DumMaroDum.mp31.69 MB
audio 1/duniya banane wale.mp33.79 MB
audio 1/DUS BAHANE.mp37.71 MB
audio 1/E Malik.mp32.71 MB
audio 1/Ek din bik G.mp32.45 MB
audio 1/Ek Din Bik_F.mp32.55 MB
audio 1/Ek Pal Ka Jeena Gm.mp34.74 MB
audio 1/Ek pyar ka ngma_D.mp34.71 MB
audio 1/Gairon Pe_AANKHEN.mp32.17 MB
audio 1/GEET - Aaja Tujhko (Cmi) 164.mp32.38 MB
audio 1/Ghar se nikal.mp35.87 MB
audio 1/Gili Gili_Em.mp33.26 MB
audio 1/GIRLFRIEND - (G#mi) 204.mp33.31 MB
audio 1/Gori tear gaon_Em_CHITCHOR.mp34.67 MB
audio 1/Gulabi Aankhen (E) 108.mp31.87 MB
audio 1/Gunguroo ki C.mp33.18 MB
audio 1/Gunguroo ki C#.mp32.27 MB
audio 1/Hai apna dil_G.mp33.83 MB
audio 1/Ham ko Gm.mp35.31 MB
audio 1/Hamen tumse pyar kitna _Am.mp33.77 MB
audio 1/Har kisiko nahi miltha_F.mp34.91 MB
audio 1/Honto se_F.mp34.13 MB
audio 1/hum bewafa.mp33.28 MB
audio 1/Hum hain rahin pyar ke.mp33.59 MB
audio 1/humein tumse pyar.mp33.14 MB
audio 1/Humraaz.mp33.39 MB
audio 1/InAankhonKi_UMRAO JAAN.mp32.27 MB
audio 1/ITS THE TIME_F#m.mp35.11 MB
audio 1/Jaane jah Cm.mp34.07 MB
audio 1/JabChaye_LOOTMAR.mp32.18 MB
audio 1/Jai Ganesha-Cm XP10.mp31.66 MB
audio 1/Jane chaman_Em.mp34.2 MB
audio 1/Jane kaise_Am.mp34.09 MB
audio 1/Jeena yaha Fm.mp33.09 MB
audio 1/Jeevan ki safar.mp34.98 MB
audio 1/Jeevan si Dm.mp32.49 MB
audio 1/Jhoom Barabar (Gmi) 100.mp32.88 MB
audio 1/Jhumkagira_MERA SAAYA.mp31.38 MB
audio 1/jis gali mein tera.mp32.54 MB
audio 1/Jo Tumko O Pasand_Bm.mp34.17 MB
audio 1/Jo wada kiya G.mp31.52 MB
audio 1/Kabhi Kabhi E.mp33.8 MB
audio 1/kabhi kabhi.mp33.8 MB
audio 1/KABHI KABHI_E.mp34.48 MB
audio 1/KahinDeepJale_BEES SAAL BAAD.mp31.34 MB
audio 1/KAHO NA KAHO_Bm EDITED.mp34.38 MB
audio 1/Kaho na pyar hi A.mp34.85 MB
audio 1/Kal ho na ho C Shekar.mp32.33 MB
audio 1/Kal ho na hoo_C.mp34.88 MB
audio 1/Kal Hona Ho _C.mp34.57 MB
audio 1/Kaun hai jo Am.mp33.97 MB
audio 1/Kaun Hai Jo.mp34.19 MB
audio 1/KAY HUWA TERA WADA_F.mp34.08 MB
audio 1/Kehna hai_F.mp33.25 MB
audio 1/khilona jaankar.mp32.86 MB
audio 1/Khoya khoya chand_E_KAALA BAZAR.mp33.24 MB
audio 1/khuda bhi aasmaan.mp33.44 MB
audio 1/Kisi Ki Muskurahaton Cm.mp31.75 MB
audio 1/KisliyeMaine_THE TRAIN.mp31.49 MB
audio 1/KKKG Soniya_G.mp32.56 MB
audio 1/Koi Hota Jis Ko_Am.mp33.34 MB
audio 1/KORAKAGAZ_A.mp34.41 MB
audio 1/Kuch na kaho E.mp33.88 MB
audio 1/KUCH NA KAHO_D.mp35.51 MB
audio 1/Laavaris_Fm.mp32.16 MB
audio 1/Laila laila laila_Dm.mp34.64 MB
audio 1/Lajja lajja Gm.mp34.14 MB
audio 1/Lift karade Gm.mp32.8 MB
audio 1/likhe jo khat tujhe.mp33.32 MB
audio 1/Lucky Lucky.mp33.12 MB
audio 1/Lux Papa.mp34.17 MB
audio 1/Main ek raja hoon_Am_UPHAAR.mp33.2 MB
audio 1/main kahin kavi na.mp33.35 MB
audio 1/Main kahin kavi_Cm_PYAR HI PYAR.mp33.39 MB
audio 1/main pal do pal.mp32.39 MB
audio 1/Maine payal F.mp33.07 MB
audio 1/Mana ho tum_F#m_TUTE KHILONE.mp34.31 MB
audio 1/MANA JANB.mp34.04 MB
audio 1/MANN.MP32.57 MB
audio 1/Mast Mast.mp33.05 MB
audio 1/Maurya_C#m.mp33.93 MB
audio 1/ME SHAYAR THO NAHI_Fm.mp34.88 MB
audio 1/Mear Nam Chun Chun C.mp32.51 MB
audio 1/Mera jeevan kora G.mp32.62 MB
audio 1/mera joota hai .mp33.28 MB
audio 1/Mera Joota Hai F#m.mp32.12 MB
audio 1/MERA MAN_A.mp34.01 MB
audio 1/MERA NAAM JOKER - Dost Dost (Dmi) 110.mp33.6 MB
audio 1/Mere dil mein aaj G#m.mp32.32 MB
audio 1/mere dil mein aaj.mp32.4 MB
audio 1/Mere man ki ganga.mp32.29 MB
audio 1/Mere Mehbob Gm.mp32.33 MB
audio 1/mere naina-new.mp33.82 MB
audio 1/mere naina.mp34.07 MB
audio 1/MERE RANG ME_Gm.mp35.93 MB
audio 1/Mere sapnoki Bm.mp33.4 MB
audio 1/mere toote hue .mp33.68 MB
audio 1/MERE YAAR KI SHAADI HAI - Sharara Sharara (Gmi) 102.mp32.97 MB
audio 1/Meri Payari Gm.mp34.24 MB
audio 1/Muje Kuchu Kuchu_Bm.mp33.96 MB
audio 1/MUJE NEEND NA AYE_Em_DIL.mp35.67 MB
audio 1/Mujhe ishq hai_Fm_UMMEED.mp32.86 MB
audio 1/Musafer hoon_B.mp33.38 MB
audio 1/Musafir hoon yaaron.mp33.57 MB
audio 1/NAARI NAARI (Emi) 120.mp32.36 MB
audio 1/NADIA SE DARIYA_A#.mp33.22 MB
audio 1/NainoMein_MERA SAAYA.mp31.3 MB
audio 1/NaKoiUmang_KATI PATANG.mp31.66 MB
audio 1/NazarLaagi_KAALAPANI.mp31.45 MB
audio 1/Nazarna_Am.mp34.68 MB
audio 1/Neele Neele Dm.mp33.53 MB
audio 1/Nikamma.mp34.62 MB
audio 1/O HANSINI_Fm.mp33.72 MB
audio 1/o mehbooba.mp33.46 MB
audio 1/o mere dil.mp33.13 MB
audio 1/O RANGU BARSE_Em.mp35.17 MB
audio 1/O SAATHI RE.mp34.12 MB
audio 1/O SathiRe_MUQkaSIK.mp31.81 MB
audio 1/Oh Hansini.mp33.09 MB
audio 1/OH maria Dm.mp33.87 MB
audio 14 - mitwa.mp35.21 MB
audio 2/Oh Paapa Laali.mp33.01 MB
audio 2/Oho chane_B.mp34.76 MB
audio 2/Paapa kehethe C.mp34.04 MB
audio 2/Pag Gunghroo.mp34.84 MB
audio 2/Pal Pal Dil Ke G.mp33.52 MB
audio 2/pal pal.mp33.87 MB
audio 2/PARDESI PARDESI_F#.mp35.73 MB
audio 2/pardesiyon se na.mp32.5 MB
audio 2/Pardesjake_ARPAN.mp32.59 MB
audio 2/Patta Patta_G#m.mp34 MB
audio 2/patthar ke sanam.mp33.46 MB
audio 2/PEHELA PEHELA_Fm.mp33.81 MB
audio 2/Pehla pehla Fm.mp32.49 MB
audio 2/Pholonka thaaronka F.mp34.25 MB
audio 2/Phool Tumhe.mp32.93 MB
audio 2/Phoolonka taaronka.mp36.06 MB
audio 2/Phoolonki rang_F.mp34.37 MB
audio 2/Piya Piya Dm.mp33.81 MB
audio 2/Piyathoo_Em.mp33.11 MB
audio 2/Priya Priya-D.mp33.53 MB
audio 2/Pukartha Cm.mp32.45 MB
audio 2/pyar deewana.mp33.64 MB
audio 2/Pyar manga hai.mp34.2 MB
audio 2/raat kali.mp33.43 MB
audio 2/RaheNaRahe_MAMTA.mp31.89 MB
audio 2/RangilaRe_PREM PUJARI.mp32.5 MB
audio 2/Rim Jhim Gire_C#m.mp33.28 MB
audio 2/roop tera mastana_C.mp33.67 MB
audio 2/Rote Rote hasna sikho.mp35.33 MB
audio 2/Ruk Ja Em.mp31.89 MB
audio 2/RUK JA O DIL DIWANI_A.mp34.67 MB
audio 2/S U R_Am.mp32.7 MB
audio 2/Saami_Cm.mp34.34 MB
audio 2/Saathiya_Gm.mp35.2 MB
audio 2/sab kuch sikha.mp32.7 MB
audio 2/SAGAR KINARE_E.mp33.74 MB
audio 2/sama hai suhana.mp32.53 MB
audio 2/Sau Saal pehale G.mp32.45 MB
audio 2/Shaan Se.mp32.12 MB
audio 2/SheeshePe_PHOOL AUR PATHAR.mp31.42 MB
audio 2/Shisha HoYa_ASHA.mp32.19 MB
audio 2/SHOLAY_D.MP31.68 MB
audio 2/Suhana safar.mp33.44 MB
audio 2/Suhani raat F.mp32.37 MB
audio 2/suhani raat .mp32.46 MB
audio 2/Sun sahiba sun_Fm_RAM TERI GANGA MAILI.mp33.65 MB
audio 2/Taal mile nazure D#.mp32.2 MB
audio 2/Tadap Tadap (Dma) .mp34.18 MB
audio 2/Tasuveer Gm.mp31.59 MB
audio 2/Tauba Tumhare_F.mp32.2 MB
audio 2/Tera Chehra.mp34.4 MB
audio 2/TeraMeraPyaar_ASLINAQLI.mp31.43 MB
audio 2/Tere Mere Beech Me_Cm.mp31.97 MB
audio 2/TERE NAAM_TITAL_C.mp34.85 MB
audio 2/TEREDIDE MANE_F.mp33.74 MB
audio 2/TereNaam_Gm.mp32.77 MB
audio 2/teri galiyon .mp33.18 MB
audio 2/teri yaad dil se.mp34.11 MB
audio 2/Thandi hawa hai C#.mp32.88 MB
audio 2/Thandi hawa.mp35.75 MB
audio 2/Thu Sirf Mera.mp36.65 MB
audio 2/Thumari nazar Gm.mp32.33 MB
audio 2/Titanic_Gm.mp33.72 MB
audio 2/Tujhe dekha Em.mp33.27 MB
audio 2/Tujhe Jeevan ki D.mp32.21 MB
audio 2/Tujhko pukare mera pyar_G_NEEL KAMAL.mp33.89 MB
audio 2/Tum Bhi Chalo_Dm.mp34.22 MB
audio 2/TUM BIN JAUHAN KAHAN_Am.mp33.26 MB
audio 2/Tum Bin_Am.mp33.01 MB
audio 2/Tum dil ke dhadkan E.mp33.58 MB
audio 2/Tumhari Nazar_Gm.mp34.84 MB
audio 2/TumNaJaane_SAZA.mp31.41 MB
audio 2/U Are My Sonia.mp34.8 MB
audio 2/Vaadi Vaadi.mp32.96 MB
audio 2/WadaNaTod_DIL TUJHKO DIYA.mp32.51 MB
audio 2/Woh Bhuli_SANJOG.mp32 MB
audio 2/Woh Sham Kuch_D.mp33.82 MB
audio 2/YADU NA JAYE_Dm.mp33.82 MB
audio 2/Ye duniya ye mehfil_Gm_HEER RANJHA.mp34.74 MB
audio 2/ye mera prem patr.mp33.24 MB
audio 2/Ye Nayan_E.mp32.97 MB
audio 2/Ye reshmi zulfein_Gm_DO RAASTE.mp33.47 MB
audio 2/ye shaam mastani.mp33.26 MB
audio 2/Ye Sham masthani F.mp33.08 MB
audio 2/YeGaliyan_PREMROG.mp32.55 MB
audio 2/Yeh Jo Mohobath_Fm.mp33.76 MB
audio 2/Yeh Raath_Cm.mp34.66 MB
audio 2/YehSama_JABJAB PHOOL KHILE.mp31.46 MB
audio 2/YeMeraDil_DON.mp31.81 MB
audio 2/YERI MAELE YERI_Gm.mp32.83 MB
audio 2/Yunhi tum mujju se_Gm.mp33.62 MB
audio 2/Zindagi pyar ka geeth_SOUTAN.mp33.75 MB
audio 2/Zindagi_C.mp33.2 MB
unknown A,R,Rehman-Mera Rang De Basanti.mp3.sfk104.53 KB
audio Aadat si hai_.mp32.39 MB
audio Aanewala Pal_Track.mp33 MB
unknown Aankho ke saagar.wma.sfk86.14 KB
audio akhiyan-KST.mp33.55 MB
audio akhiyan.mp33.55 MB
unknown akhiyan.mp3.sfk78.3 KB
audio Anisuthide Yako Indu.mp34.29 MB
audio Chand sifarish_karaoke.mp32.12 MB
audio Chup_Chup_Ke_BUNTY_AUR_BABLI - Karaoke..wma8.56 MB
audio Dil kaha raha hai.mp34.13 MB
audio Dilhare.mp34.36 MB
audio indinodilmera.mp310.72 MB
audio In_Dino1-Life_In_A_Metro.mp39.07 MB
audio jiya dhadak dhadak.mp32.45 MB
audio Kal ho na ho.mp32.41 MB
audio karaoke - hemant/01 - .mp3858.76 KB
audio karaoke - hemant/02 - hai apna dil to awara.mp34.86 MB
audio karaoke - hemant/03 - bekarar karke hamen yun.mp33.61 MB
audio karaoke - hemant/04 - ye raat ye chandni phir.mp33.63 MB
audio karaoke - hemant/05 - ye nain dare dare.mp34.63 MB
audio karaoke - hemant/06 - na tum hamen jaano.mp33.62 MB
audio karaoke - hemant/07 - ya dilki suno duniyawalon.mp35.46 MB
audio karaoke - hemant/08 - jaane vo kaise log the.mp34.66 MB
audio karaoke - hemant/09 - raah bani ek manzil.mp35.14 MB
audio karaoke - hemant/10 - zara nazron se kehdo ji.mp33.99 MB
audio karaoke - hemant/11 - tum pukar lo.mp35.4 MB
audio karaoke - hemant/12 - lehron pe lehar.mp33.95 MB
audio karaoke - hemant/13 - ai dil ab kahin na ja.mp33.74 MB
audio karaoke - lata vol 1/01 - .mp3876.1 KB
audio karaoke - lata vol 1/02 - lo aagayi unki yaad.mp35.72 MB
audio karaoke - lata vol 1/03 - ruk ja raat thaher ja re.mp35.18 MB
audio karaoke - lata vol 1/04 - tumhe yaad karte.mp34.32 MB
audio karaoke - lata vol 1/05 - chhod de sari duniya.mp35.36 MB
audio karaoke - lata vol 1/06 - aap ki nazron ne.mp34.4 MB
audio karaoke - lata vol 1/07 - tumhi mere mandir.mp36.69 MB
audio karaoke - lata vol 1/08 - iqetad dil ki tamanna.mp36.22 MB
audio karaoke - lata vol 1/09 - hum the jinke sahare.mp34.54 MB
audio karaoke - lata vol 1/10 - tere naina kyu bhar.mp35.67 MB
audio karaoke - lata vol 1/11 - na tum bewafa ho.mp35.35 MB
audio karaoke - lata vol 1/12 - ajeeb dastan hai yeh.mp35.58 MB
audio karaoke - lata vol 1/13 - tera mera pyar amar.mp33.75 MB
audio karaoke - mukesh 5/01 - .mp3886.31 KB
audio karaoke - mukesh 5/02 - jis dil mein basa tha.mp33.93 MB
audio karaoke - mukesh 5/03 - mujko is raat ki.mp33.7 MB
audio karaoke - mukesh 5/04 - jine hum bholna chahe.mp35.83 MB
audio karaoke - mukesh 5/05 - tum bin jeevan.mp35.22 MB
audio karaoke - mukesh 5/06 - jane kaha gaye woh din.mp35.26 MB
audio karaoke - mukesh 5/07 - dost dost na raha.mp36.83 MB
audio karaoke - mukesh 5/08 - teri yaad dil se.mp35.08 MB
audio karaoke - mukesh 5/09 - hum chhod chale.mp33.82 MB
audio karaoke - mukesh 5/10 - jo pyar tune mujko.mp33.85 MB
audio karaoke - mukesh 5/11 - aa laut ke aaja.mp33.9 MB
audio karaoke - mukesh 5/12 - bhooli hui yaaden.mp33.88 MB
audio karaoke - mukesh 5/13 - zuba pe dard bhari.mp35.18 MB
audio karaoke - mukesh 5/14 - muje raat din bas.mp33.52 MB
audio karaoke - sonu nigam 1/01 - zindagi maut na ban jaye.mp37.5 MB
audio karaoke - sonu nigam 1/02 - mujhse naraz ho to.mp36.28 MB
audio karaoke - sonu nigam 1/03 - achha sila diya tune.mp35.46 MB
audio karaoke - sonu nigam 1/04 - o jaanam.mp34.75 MB
audio karaoke - sonu nigam 1/05 - tujhe laage na najaria.mp35.48 MB
audio karaoke - sonu nigam 1/06 - sandese aate hain.mp311.8 MB
audio karaoke - sonu nigam 1/07 - bekarar main bekarar dil.mp35.54 MB
audio karaoke - sonu nigam 3/01 - satrangi re.mp36.35 MB
audio karaoke - sonu nigam 3/02 - humse rahoge kya.mp36.1 MB
audio karaoke - sonu nigam 3/03 - deewane hoke hum.mp36.35 MB
audio karaoke - sonu nigam 3/04 - mujhe raat din bas.mp35.82 MB
audio karaoke - sonu nigam 3/05 - tera rang balle balle.mp35.21 MB
audio karaoke - sonu nigam 3/06 - mohabbat kabhi maine.mp36.71 MB
audio karaoke - sonu nigam 3/07 - yeh dhoke pyar ke.mp36.58 MB
audio karaoke - sonu nigam 3/08 - kaun hai woh ladki.mp35.11 MB
audio karaoke - yesudas/01 - .mp3816.92 KB
audio karaoke - yesudas/02 - surmaiy akhiyon mein.mp35.25 MB
audio karaoke - yesudas/03 - jab deep jale aana.mp33.6 MB
audio karaoke - yesudas/04 - gori tera gaon.mp35.75 MB
audio karaoke - yesudas/05 - dilke tukde tukde.mp34.13 MB
audio karaoke - yesudas/06 - madhuban khushboo.mp33.63 MB
audio karaoke - yesudas/07 - ka karoon sajni.mp35.29 MB
audio karaoke - yesudas/08 - char din ki zindagi.mp34.14 MB
audio karaoke - yesudas/09 - sunaina sunaina.mp36.2 MB
audio karaoke - yesudas/10 - aaj se pehle.mp35.45 MB
audio karaoke - yesudas/11 - chand jaise mukhdepe.mp34.83 MB
audio karaoke - yesudas/12 - teri chhotisi ek.mp35.17 MB
audio karaoke - yesudas/13 - mana ho tum.mp36.16 MB
audio karaoke jagjit 1/01 - .mp3853.15 KB
audio karaoke jagjit 1/02 - tum itna jo.mp35.96 MB
audio karaoke jagjit 1/03 - phir aaj mujhe.mp35.69 MB
audio karaoke jagjit 1/04 - jhuki jhuki si nazar.mp35.67 MB
audio karaoke jagjit 1/05 - humsafar banke.mp38.78 MB
audio karaoke jagjit 1/06 - raakh ke dher ne.mp34.26 MB
audio karaoke jagjit 1/07 - hoton se.mp35.37 MB
audio karaoke jagjit 1/08 - woh kaagaz ki kashti.mp34.25 MB
audio karaoke jagjit 1/09 - koi yeh kaise bataye.mp33.64 MB
audio karaoke jagjit 1/10 - pyar mujhse jo kiya.mp35.02 MB
audio karaoke jagjit 1/11 - kya sachh hai.mp37.28 MB
audio karaoke kishore/01 - Track 01.mp3884.27 KB
audio karaoke kishore/13 - Track 13.mp33.19 MB
audio karaoke kishore/apne jivan ki uljhan.mp35.27 MB
audio karaoke kishore/door gagan ke tale.mp34.69 MB
audio karaoke kishore/ghungru ki tarah.mp34.13 MB
audio karaoke kishore/khija ke fool.mp35.68 MB
audio karaoke kishore/kiska rasta dekhe.mp35.06 MB
audio karaoke kishore/koi hota.mp34.45 MB
audio karaoke kishore/main shayar.mp34.34 MB
audio karaoke kishore/manjilein.mp36.75 MB
audio karaoke kishore/meri bheegi.mp34.21 MB
audio karaoke kishore/o sathi re.mp34.79 MB
audio karaoke kishore/tum bin jaaun.mp34.5 MB
audio karaoke kumar sanu/01 - Track 01.mp3855.7 KB
audio karaoke kumar sanu/02 - Track 02.mp38.29 MB
audio karaoke kumar sanu/03 - Track 03.mp35.28 MB
audio karaoke kumar sanu/04 - Track 04.mp36.72 MB
audio karaoke kumar sanu/05 - Track 05.mp36.64 MB
audio karaoke kumar sanu/06 - Track 06.mp35.7 MB
audio karaoke kumar sanu/07 - Track 07.mp35.69 MB
audio karaoke kumar sanu/08 - Track 08.mp36.17 MB
audio karaoke kumar sanu/09 - Track 09.mp38.35 MB
audio karaoke kumar sanu/10 - Track 10.mp38.01 MB
audio karaoke kumar sanu/tu mile.mp36.74 MB
audio karaoke lata 2/01 - .mp3841.92 KB
audio karaoke lata 2/02 - dil ka khilona.mp34.18 MB
audio karaoke lata 2/03 - aji roothkar.mp35.93 MB
audio karaoke lata 2/04 - ye sama.mp33.91 MB
audio karaoke lata 2/05 - lag ja gale.mp34.19 MB
audio karaoke lata 2/06 - teri aakhon ke siva.mp34.29 MB
audio karaoke lata 2/07 - chhup gaya koi re.mp33.62 MB
audio karaoke lata 2/08 - o basanti pawan.mp34.18 MB
audio karaoke lata 2/09 - woh bhooli daastan.mp34.38 MB
audio karaoke lata 2/10 - bedardi baalma.mp35.89 MB
audio karaoke lata 2/11 - .mp3628.15 KB
audio karaoke lata 2/12 - main to tum sang.mp32.61 MB
audio karaoke lata 2/13 - ja re udh ja re.mp33.79 MB
audio karaoke lata 2/14 - naina barse.mp36.26 MB
audio karaoke shaan/01 - Track 01.mp3866.41 KB
audio karaoke shaan/02 - Track 02.mp33.81 MB
audio karaoke shaan/03 - Track 03.mp34.71 MB
audio karaoke shaan/04 - Track 04.mp34.45 MB
audio karaoke shaan/05 - Track 05.mp35.48 MB
audio karaoke shaan/06 - Track 06.mp34.93 MB
audio karaoke shaan/07 - Track 07.mp35 MB
audio karaoke shaan/08 - Track 08.mp3866.41 KB
audio karaoke shaan/09 - Track 09.mp33.75 MB
audio karaoke shaan/10 - Track 10.mp34.65 MB
audio karaoke shaan/11 - Track 11.mp34.38 MB
audio karaoke shaan/12 - Track 12.mp35.44 MB
unknown karaoke shaan/12 - Track 12.mp3.sfk96.04 KB
audio Kutch to log kaheinge.mp34 MB
audio lai_wi_na_gai.mp34.36 MB
audio Mere Nasib Me-ay dost_tera pyar nahi.mp33.21 MB
audio O mere dil ke chain_Kishore.mp33.12 MB
audio Pyar manga hai tumhi se.mp33.54 MB
audio really gud ones/001_Jab_Deep_Jale_Aana_Track.mp34.83 MB
audio really gud ones/005 - AISA LAGTA HAI.mp38.55 MB
audio really gud ones/049 - JAGE JAGE.mp36.49 MB
audio really gud ones/060 - LAYI VI NA GAYEE.mp36.35 MB
audio really gud ones/091 - SURAJ HUA MADDHAM.mp37.92 MB
audio really gud ones/100 - YAADEIN YAAD AATI HAI.mp35.54 MB
audio really gud ones/A,R,Rehman-Mera Rang De Basanti.mp37.1 MB
audio really gud ones/Aaj Purani Rahon Se-Aadmi.mp35.36 MB
audio really gud ones/Aankho ke saagar.wma3.93 MB
audio really gud ones/BHEEGE HONT TERE_C.mp33.81 MB
unknown really gud ones/BHEEGE HONT TERE_C.mp3.sfk84.14 KB
audio really gud ones/BIN TERE SANAM_Em.mp34.65 MB
audio really gud ones/Bolo-tarara.mp33.55 MB
audio really gud ones/Chak De Phattey - Karaoke.mp37.94 MB
audio really gud ones/Dil de diya hai_Jaan tujhe denge.mp33.31 MB
audio really gud ones/Dil dooba_Khakee.mp33.46 MB
audio really gud ones/Falak dekhu %28 Best of Anil %29.mp34.79 MB
unknown really gud ones/Falak dekhu %28 Best of Anil %29.mp3.sfk105.68 KB
audio really gud ones/Jab Koie Baat.mp37.44 MB
audio really gud ones/Jal-Woh lamhe.mp34.95 MB
audio really gud ones/KAHO NA KAHO.mp34.74 MB
audio really gud ones/KAHO NA KAHO_Bm.mp34.73 MB
audio really gud ones/KalHoNaHo.mp34.49 MB
audio really gud ones/Khubsoorat - Rog.mp37.44 MB
audio really gud ones/Lagan lagi.mp34.22 MB
audio really gud ones/Maine Dilse Kaha - Rog.mp37.17 MB
audio really gud ones/MainHoonNa_Dm.mp35.14 MB
audio really gud ones/MERE SAPNOKI RANI_A#m.mp34.52 MB
audio really gud ones/MujhseNaarajHo.mp35.02 MB
audio really gud ones/Oh Oh jane jana Am.mp33.85 MB
audio really gud ones/Pehla Nasha.mp35.61 MB
unknown really gud ones/Pehla Nasha.mp3.sfk99.05 KB
audio really gud ones/Rafi-Hui Shaam Unka Khayal-Mere Humdum Mere Dost.mp34.35 MB
audio really gud ones/Sarfarosh(2).mp36 MB
audio really gud ones/Sun jara soniye sun jara_Track.mp34.15 MB
audio really gud ones/yaaron dosti.mp35.18 MB
audio really gud ones/zindagi ek safar.mp33 MB
audio Sarfarosh.mp31.79 MB
audio super singer album/ankhon mein sapna.mp39.44 MB
audio super singer album/baawari.mp310.31 MB
audio super singer album/dil dil (remix).mp39.07 MB
audio super singer album/dil dil.mp312.26 MB
audio super singer album/hulchul.mp310.82 MB
audio super singer album/jaanu main.mp313.75 MB
audio super singer album/kesariya.mp312.11 MB
audio super singer album/panchi.mp310.98 MB
audio super singer album/pee pee horn maare.mp38.6 MB
audio super singer album/sabr kar.mp39.96 MB
audio TANHAYEE.mp32.15 MB
audio tu hi meri shab hai_TRACK.mp35.95 MB
audio tu ne mujhe pehechana nahi.mp31.44 MB
audio Ya Ali _Track.mp33.33 MB

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