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Size750.52 MB
Age7 years ago
DateSunday 05 December 2010
CategoryMusic > Misc
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Torrent nameSize
audio Chocolate Synthesizer/01 Acid Police.mp311.24 MB
audio Chocolate Synthesizer/02 chocolate synthesizer.mp31.96 MB
audio Chocolate Synthesizer/03 Synthesizer Guide Book on Fire.mp35.63 MB
audio Chocolate Synthesizer/04 Shock City.mp310.8 MB
audio Chocolate Synthesizer/05 Tomato Synthesizer.mp38.76 MB
audio Chocolate Synthesizer/06 Anarchy in the Ukk.mp310.74 MB
audio Chocolate Synthesizer/07 Mama Brain.mp39.14 MB
audio Chocolate Synthesizer/08 Action Synthesizer Hero.mp39.76 MB
audio Chocolate Synthesizer/09 Voredoms.mp313.78 MB
audio Chocolate Synthesizer/10 B for Boredoms.mp36.27 MB
audio Chocolate Synthesizer/11 Eedoms.mp311.54 MB
audio Chocolate Synthesizer/12 Smoke 7.mp36.33 MB
audio Chocolate Synthesizer/13 Turn Table Boredoms.mp311.41 MB
audio Chocolate Synthesizer/14 I'm Not Synthesizer (Ypy_).mp37.17 MB
audio Chocolate Synthesizer/15 Now Dom Go Synthesizer Way (Why_).mp313.87 MB
audio Pop Tatari/01 Noise Ramones.mp3492.85 KB
audio Pop Tatari/02 Nice B-O-R-E Guy & Boyoyo Touch.mp3872.47 KB
audio Pop Tatari/03 Hey Bore Hey.mp31.54 MB
audio Pop Tatari/04 Bo-Go-Bompoo.mp36.73 MB
audio Pop Tatari/05 Bore Now Bore.mp32.49 MB
audio Pop Tatari/06 Okinawa Rasta Beef (Mockin' Fuzz 2).mp33.65 MB
audio Pop Tatari/07 Which Dooyoo Like_.mp31.95 MB
audio Pop Tatari/08 Molecicco.mp32.54 MB
audio Pop Tatari/09 Telehorse Uma.mp34.28 MB
audio Pop Tatari/10 Hoy.mp34.17 MB
audio Pop Tatari/11 Bocabola.mp33.73 MB
audio Pop Tatari/12 Heeba.mp33.06 MB
audio Pop Tatari/13 Poy (Mockin' Fuzz 1).mp34.07 MB
audio Pop Tatari/14 Bod.mp31.23 MB
audio Pop Tatari/15 Cheeba.mp38.28 MB
audio Pop Tatari/16 Tv Ramones.mp32.74 MB
audio Pop Tatari/17 Cory & The Mandara Suicide Pyramid Action Or Gas Satori.mp39.32 MB
audio Pop Tatari/18 Greatboreful Dead.mp3650.41 KB
audio Super Go!!!!!/Shine In or Shine On.mp324.18 MB
audio Super Go!!!!!/Super Punk.mp35.58 MB
audio Super Roots/01 POP KISS.mp31.19 MB
audio Super Roots/02 Budokan Tape Try (500 tapes high).mp32.38 MB
audio Super Roots/03 Finger Action no'5.mp31.05 MB
audio Super Roots/04 CHOCOLATE _UT.mp32.95 MB
audio Super Roots/05 Pitch at Butch on Itch.mp3977.02 KB
audio Super Roots/06 Machine 3.mp31.66 MB
audio Super Roots/07 Monster Rex & S_und'A'R_undus.mp32.58 MB
audio Super Roots/08 NUTS ROOM.mp32.16 MB
audio Super Roots/09 EAR_WIG_WEB_.mp32.52 MB
audio Super Roots/10 96 Teenage Bonage.mp33.3 MB
audio Super Roots/11 Super Roots Track 11.mp3535.22 KB
audio Super Roots/12 Super Frake 009.mp31.19 MB
audio Super Roots/13 Super Roots Track13.mp31.97 MB
audio Super Roots/14 USED CD.mp31.35 MB
audio Super Roots 10/01 Super Rooy.mp31.49 MB
audio Super Roots 10/02 Ant 10.mp321.69 MB
audio Super Roots 10/03 Ant 10_Estero 10 (Remix By Altz).mp321.92 MB
audio Super Roots 10/04 Ant 10 (Remix By DJ Finger Hat).mp312.4 MB
audio Super Roots 10/05 Ant 10 (Remix By DJ Lindstrom).mp324.65 MB
audio Super Roots 10/06 Ant 10_Mineral Dub Break (Remix By Altz).mp323.74 MB
audio Super Roots 2/01 Sexy Boredoms.mp31.06 MB
audio Super Roots 2/02 Go Come Uparks.mp31.5 MB
audio Super Roots 2/03 Magic Milk.mp31.98 MB
audio Super Roots 2/04 White Plastic See-Thru Finger.mp32.34 MB
audio Super Roots 2/05 Boxodus (Noise Ramones Mix).mp3628 KB
audio Super Roots 3/01 Hard Trance Away (Karaoke of Cosmos).mp330.7 MB
audio Super Roots 5/01 Go!!!!!.mp358.89 MB
audio Super Roots 6/0(_2).mp31.33 MB
audio Super Roots 6/01.mp32.34 MB
audio Super Roots 6/04 02.mp32.49 MB
audio Super Roots 6/1.mp31.41 MB
audio Super Roots 6/10.mp38.39 MB
audio Super Roots 6/12 11.mp33.5 MB
audio Super Roots 6/12.mp34.81 MB
audio Super Roots 6/13.mp34.28 MB
audio Super Roots 6/14.mp34.79 MB
audio Super Roots 6/15.mp34.5 MB
audio Super Roots 6/3.mp37.88 MB
audio Super Roots 6/4.mp31.83 MB
audio Super Roots 6/5.mp36.88 MB
audio Super Roots 6/6.mp38.43 MB
audio Super Roots 6/7.mp37.75 MB
audio Super Roots 6/8.mp35.62 MB
audio Super Roots 6/9.mp38.35 MB
audio Super Roots 7/01 7~ (EW∃ Remix).mp35.6 MB
audio Super Roots 7/02 7→ (Boriginal) 1.mp33.06 MB
audio Super Roots 7/02 7→ (Boriginal).mp328.74 MB
audio Super Roots 7/03 7+ (EY∃ Remix).mp311.28 MB
audio Super Roots 9/01 LIVWE!!.mp354.26 MB
audio Vision Creation Newsun/01 (Circle).mp321.08 MB
audio Vision Creation Newsun/02 (Star).mp38.73 MB
audio Vision Creation Newsun/03 (Heart).mp311.79 MB
audio Vision Creation Newsun/04 (Spiral).mp311.17 MB
audio Vision Creation Newsun/05 (Tilde).mp39.79 MB
audio Vision Creation Newsun/06 (Two Circles).mp311.08 MB
audio Vision Creation Newsun/07 (Arrow Up).mp39.79 MB
audio Vision Creation Newsun/08 (Omega).mp39.99 MB
audio Vision Creation Newsun/09 Zutto.mp310.92 MB

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