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Size1.22 GB
Age7 years ago
DateMonday 16 August 2010
CategoryMusic > Religious
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Best Collection of Tamil Devotional Songs



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Torrent nameSize
audio Collections/018.mp327.36 MB
audio Collections/Ganapathi Kaka.MP323.9 MB
audio Collections/Annamalaiyar Subrapatham.MP323.05 MB
audio Collections/08-Boom Boom.mp321.13 MB
audio Collections/015-saranam.mp320.41 MB
audio Collections/01-Lingam.mp319.86 MB
audio Collections/020-Saochani karai amma.mp319.5 MB
audio Collections/016-Narayana.mp318.96 MB
audio Collections/000-Subrapadham.mp318.8 MB
audio Collections/014-Kandhasasdi Kavasam.mp318.58 MB
audio Collections/HARA HARA.mp318.29 MB
audio Collections/01-Hara Hara Sivane.mp318.25 MB
audio Collections/Mahishasura Mardini - ulaginai padaithavale - tamil - mahi.mp316.99 MB
audio Collections/010-Om Namonarayananaya.mp316.77 MB
audio Collections/09-Om Namasivaya.mp315.78 MB
audio Collections/HARIVARASNAM.MP315.1 MB
audio Collections/01SRI VENIKATESAM.MP314.77 MB
audio Collections/108 potri_Saranam Ganesan.mp312.48 MB
audio Collections/2PILLAYAR_SUBRABATHAM.MP312.18 MB
audio Collections/02-Sudarai Ezhundha.mp310.71 MB
audio Collections/011.mp310.1 MB
audio Collections/02GOVINDA GOVINDA.MP39.92 MB
audio Collections/03-Theiva Peroliye.mp39.75 MB
audio Collections/Mahishasura Mardini - mangala chandigai.mp39.61 MB
audio Collections/07-Madha para sakthi.mp37.41 MB
audio Collections/021.mp37.19 MB
audio Collections/06-Kakkai Siragi.mp36.99 MB
audio Collections/Track05.MP36.75 MB
audio Collections/Ganabathi subrabatham Saranam Ganesa - gana naathan .mp36.36 MB
audio Collections/ARUNACHALANE.mp36.33 MB
audio Collections/05-Arunachalane.mp36.31 MB
audio Collections/Track02.MP36.18 MB
audio Collections/SIVAMAYAMANA.mp36.16 MB
audio Collections/00-Siva Mayamana.mp36.14 MB
audio Collections/Track04.MP36.14 MB
audio Collections/Track06.MP35.82 MB
audio Collections/OM NAMASIVAYA.mp35.69 MB
audio Collections/01-Om Namasivaya.mp35.67 MB
audio Collections/Mahishasura Marthini -Tamil - mahalakshmi astakam.mp35.63 MB
audio Collections/Mahishasura Marthini -Tamil - saraswathi sthothram.mp35.46 MB
audio Collections/Track03.MP35.27 MB
audio Collections/05-Kaettapozhinile.mp35.21 MB
audio Collections/04-Aasai Mugam.mp35.09 MB
audio Collections/Track07.MP34.65 MB
audio Collections/013.mp34.13 MB
audio Collections/01RAKSHA__RAKSHA_JAGANMATHA.MP34.13 MB
audio Collections/019.mp33.7 MB
audio Collections/- Andru Ketpavan.mp33.38 MB
audio Collections/AADHI_PARAMESWARIYIN__S.MP32.96 MB
audio Collections/- Velirukka.mp32.91 MB
audio Collections/02JAYA_JAYADEVI__S.MP32.8 MB
audio Collections/012-SPB.mp32.38 MB
audio Devotional Songs/Alaipaiuthae Kanna - Sudha Ragunathan/Arthika.Net - Aadathu Asaintha.mp37.64 MB
audio Devotional Songs/Alaipaiuthae Kanna - Sudha Ragunathan/Arthika.Net - Thaaye Yasodha.mp37.13 MB
audio Devotional Songs/Alaipaiuthae Kanna - Sudha Ragunathan/Arthika.Net - Asainthadum Mayil.mp36.07 MB
audio Devotional Songs/Alaipaiuthae Kanna - Sudha Ragunathan/Arthika.Net - Palvadiyum Mugam.mp35.89 MB
audio Devotional Songs/Alaipaiuthae Kanna - Sudha Ragunathan/Arthika.Net - Chendru Vaa Nee.mp35.89 MB
audio Devotional Songs/Alaipaiuthae Kanna - Sudha Ragunathan/Arthika.Net - Kuzhloothi Manamella.mp35.8 MB
audio Devotional Songs/Alaipaiuthae Kanna - Sudha Ragunathan/Arthika.Net - Alaipayuthe Kanna.mp35.63 MB
audio Devotional Songs/Alaipaiuthae Kanna - Sudha Ragunathan/Arthika.Net - Pullaai Piravith.mp35.48 MB
audio Devotional Songs/Alaipaiuthae Kanna - Sudha Ragunathan/Arthika.Net - Neeraja Krishna.mp35.37 MB
audio dr seergazhi siva chidambaram/aadhi mudhalvane (sundarrajan).mp39.49 MB
audio dr seergazhi siva chidambaram/pillayaarpatti ennum.mp34.32 MB
audio dr seergazhi siva chidambaram/malaiyai kudaiindhu.mp34.17 MB
audio dr seergazhi siva chidambaram/vinayagane karpaga vinayagane.mp33.85 MB
audio dr seergazhi siva chidambaram/om ennum pranava.mp33.72 MB
audio dr seergazhi siva chidambaram/gananadhane unnai.mp33.52 MB
audio dr seergazhi siva chidambaram/malaradhu mele.mp33.39 MB
audio dr seergazhi siva chidambaram/ullathu oli valarum.mp33.31 MB
audio dr seergazhi siva chidambaram/alaikadalin aazhathile.mp33.26 MB
audio dr seergazhi siva chidambaram/om gananadhane.mp32.97 MB
audio dr seergazhi siva chidambaram/inredhutha ippaniyam.mp31.92 MB
text dr seergazhi siva chidambaram/desktop.ini271 Byte
audio ganaesha ganaesha/track 8.mp39.89 MB
audio ganaesha ganaesha/track 1.mp36.73 MB
audio ganaesha ganaesha/track 4.mp35.81 MB
audio ganaesha ganaesha/track 10.mp35.66 MB
audio ganaesha ganaesha/track 7.mp35.55 MB
audio ganaesha ganaesha/track 6.mp35.49 MB
audio ganaesha ganaesha/track 5.mp34.78 MB
audio ganaesha ganaesha/track 2.mp34.71 MB
audio ganaesha ganaesha/track 9.mp34.51 MB
audio ganaesha ganaesha/track 3.mp33.71 MB
text ganaesha ganaesha/desktop.ini271 Byte
audio Gayathari Mantharam/Gayathri mantram.mp327.3 MB
audio M S Subbu/KuRaiOndrumIllai.mp33.69 MB
audio NAMA SHIVAYA/01-Lingam.mp319.86 MB
audio NAMA SHIVAYA/010-Om Namonarayananaya.mp316.77 MB
audio NAMA SHIVAYA/09-Om Namasivaya.mp315.78 MB
audio NAMA SHIVAYA/03-Theiva Peroliye.mp39.75 MB
audio New Suprabatham/Gayathri mantram.mp327.3 MB
audio New Suprabatham/Track01.MP323.9 MB
audio New Suprabatham/Annamalaiyar Subrapatham.MP323.05 MB
audio New Suprabatham/2PILLAYAR_SUBRABATHAM.MP312.18 MB
audio New Suprabatham/Track05.MP36.75 MB
audio New Suprabatham/Track02.MP36.18 MB
audio New Suprabatham/Track04.MP36.14 MB
audio New Suprabatham/Track06.MP35.82 MB
audio New Suprabatham/Track03.MP35.27 MB
audio New Suprabatham/Track07.MP34.65 MB
audio New Suprabatham/1PILLAYAR_SUBRABATHAM.MP31.17 MB
audio om namo narayana/sri kandasaastikavasam.mp33.25 MB
audio om namo narayana/2[1].mp32.32 MB
audio om namo narayana/sri venkatesa suprabaratham.mp32.21 MB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/36.mp3988.77 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/28.mp3927.55 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/8[1].mp3902.83 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/41.mp3774.37 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/6[1].mp3721.3 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/30.mp3719.88 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/14.mp3710.45 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/43.mp3710.19 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/13.mp3685.57 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/32.mp3674.51 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/25.mp3673.74 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/12.mp3672.98 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/34.mp3651.93 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/10.mp3651.01 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/9[1].mp3642.85 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/38.mp3629.7 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/19.mp3619.4 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/27.mp3605.59 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/18.mp3603.7 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/1[1].mp3593 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/2[1].mp3592.74 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/21.mp3568.48 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/7[1].mp3553.95 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/39.mp3550.23 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/22.mp3510.32 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/29.mp3508.94 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/23.mp3504.35 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/46.mp3497.98 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/4[1].mp3494.77 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/40.mp3494.64 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/5[1].mp3490.18 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/15.mp3490.18 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/26.mp3488.75 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/42.mp3488.4 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/16.mp3484.93 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/45.mp3483.55 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/20.mp3470.15 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/37.mp3465.05 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/44.mp3463.52 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/17.mp3456.49 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/24.mp3450.01 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/47.mp3447.06 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/33.mp3415.71 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/3[1].mp3413.41 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/35.mp3352.04 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/31.mp3288 KB
audio seergazhi govindarajan/11.mp3188.66 KB
text seergazhi govindarajan/desktop.ini271 Byte
audio siva maalai - spb/mohanscarnaticclassics+malaivalam.mp36.62 MB
audio siva maalai - spb/mohanscarnaticclassics+annalana.mp36.57 MB
audio siva maalai - spb/mohanscarnaticclassics+omnamashivaya.mp36.32 MB
audio siva maalai - spb/mohanscarnaticclassics+unnamulaiyale.mp35.63 MB
audio siva maalai - spb/mohanscarnaticclassics+dheepatharisanam.mp35.33 MB
audio siva maalai - spb/mohanscarnaticclassics+anamalaiaalum.mp35.01 MB
text siva maalai - spb/desktop.ini271 Byte
audio solla solla inikkuthaiyaa - mahanathi shobana/om saravana bhava.mp36.17 MB
audio solla solla inikkuthaiyaa - mahanathi shobana/kanniyare koodungadi.mp35.58 MB
audio solla solla inikkuthaiyaa - mahanathi shobana/malaiyeri ninravaa.mp34.77 MB
audio solla solla inikkuthaiyaa - mahanathi shobana/sendoorin kadaloram.mp34.72 MB
audio solla solla inikkuthaiyaa - mahanathi shobana/muruga muruga.mp34.59 MB
audio solla solla inikkuthaiyaa - mahanathi shobana/iyya iyya murugaiya.mp34.58 MB
audio solla solla inikkuthaiyaa - mahanathi shobana/then pazhani.mp34.12 MB
audio solla solla inikkuthaiyaa - mahanathi shobana/kokkara kokkarako.mp33.8 MB
audio solla solla inikkuthaiyaa - mahanathi shobana/vaa vaa.mp33.74 MB
audio solla solla inikkuthaiyaa - mahanathi shobana/azhagana pazhani.mp33.65 MB
text solla solla inikkuthaiyaa - mahanathi shobana/desktop.ini271 Byte
audio Tamil Subrapatham by Vaani Jayaram/Kowsalya.mp320.73 MB
audio Tamil Subrapatham by Vaani Jayaram/Perumale.mp310.79 MB
audio Tamil Subrapatham by Vaani Jayaram/Thiruvarul.mp35.59 MB
audio Tamil Subrapatham by Vaani Jayaram/Moovadiyil.mp34.57 MB
audio unni krishnan/nallathor veenai - unni krishnan.mp31.09 MB
audio unni krishnan/paachai ma malai.mp3802.41 KB
text unni krishnan/desktop.ini271 Byte
audio Vinayakar/Ganapathi Kaka.MP323.9 MB
audio Vinayakar/108 potri_Saranam Ganesan.mp312.48 MB
audio Vinayakar/2PILLAYAR_SUBRABATHAM.MP312.18 MB
audio Vinayakar/Track05.MP36.75 MB
audio Vinayakar/Ganabathi subrabatham Saranam Ganesa - gana naathan .mp36.36 MB
audio Vinayakar/Track02.MP36.18 MB
audio Vinayakar/Track04.MP36.14 MB
audio Vinayakar/Track06.MP35.82 MB
audio Vinayakar/Track03.MP35.27 MB
audio Vinayakar/Track07.MP34.65 MB
audio Vinayakar/1PILLAYAR_SUBRABATHAM.MP31.17 MB
audio narasimhastotram1.mp32.08 MB
audio nrisimhapancaamrutastotram.mp3885.3 KB
audio Devotional.m3u3.49 KB

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