Can-get The Can (4 Cd Boxset-rarities) Krautrock 1968-1973.torrent

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Size732.97 MB
Age8 years ago
DateSaturday 21 November 2009
CategoryMusic > Rock
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Here it is, the box set for the Can fanatic who has everything. This box set covers their very early period back when they were still known as Innerspace Productions recording music for soundtracks in 1968 through the final concert with Damo Suzuki in 1973 in Edinburgh, Scotland. This features full length versions of Little Star Of Bethlehem, Melting Away, Uphill and Connection that differ from previous releases as well as some very fine live tracks and single sides from the classic \\\\\\\"Damo\\\\\\\" years. All tracks have been compiled from the best sources possible then re-mastered to provide a true treasure for the Can fan. All artwork from this box set is included as well as scans of the disks themselves.



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Torrent nameSize
audio 1-01 Prehistoric Future Part 1.mp37.47 MB
audio 1-02 Prehistoric Future Part 2.mp310.76 MB
audio 1-03 Prehistoric Future Part 3.mp35.79 MB
audio 1-04 Prehistoric Future Part 4.mp311.76 MB
audio 1-05 Prehistoric Future Part 5.mp331.96 MB
audio 1-06 Agilok and Blubbo.mp38.58 MB
audio 1-07 Dialog Zwischen Birken.mp34.29 MB
audio 1-08 Michele Ist Da.mp33.86 MB
audio 1-09 Mama Mama.mp39.03 MB
audio 1-10 Kamerasong.mp35.82 MB
audio 1-11 Zwischen den Baeumen.mp39.05 MB
audio 1-12 Zweige und Zonne.mp3668.51 KB
audio 1-13 Der Letzte Brief.mp33.38 MB
audio 1-14 Probleme.mp35.2 MB
audio 1-15 Apokalypse.mp323.73 MB
audio 1-16 The Million Game.mp38.89 MB
audio 1-17 Get The Can.mp34.62 MB
audio 1-18 Kamasutra.mp36.59 MB
audio 1-19 I'm Hiding My Nightengale.mp36.89 MB
audio 1-20 Man Named Joe.mp37.98 MB
audio 1-21 Mellow Out.mp35.03 MB
audio 2-01 Father Cannot Yell.mp323.14 MB
audio 2-02 Outside My Door.mp39.58 MB
audio 2-03 Embryonic Upduff.mp337.84 MB
audio 2-04 Uphill.mp316.13 MB
audio 2-05 Melting Away.mp37 MB
audio 2-06 Connection.mp38.51 MB
audio 2-07 Little Star Of Bethlehem.mp328.12 MB
audio 2-08 She Brings The Rain.mp38.02 MB
audio 2-09 Deadlock (Titlemusic).mp32.33 MB
audio 2-10 Deadlock (Live).mp311.06 MB
audio 2-11 Mother Sky (Live).mp314.91 MB
audio 2-12 Turtles Have Short Legs.mp37.41 MB
audio 2-13 Shikako Maru Ten.mp37.25 MB
audio 3-01 Halleluwah.mp312.82 MB
audio 3-02 Paperhouse.mp315.59 MB
audio 3-03 Spoon.mp328.78 MB
audio 3-04 Love Me Tonight.mp315.89 MB
audio 3-05 Bring Me Coffee Or Tea.mp321.24 MB
audio 3-06 Up The Bakerloo.mp380.59 MB
audio 3-07 Vitamin C.mp36.26 MB
audio 4-01 Patilla Black.mp38.64 MB
audio 4-02 Silent Farewell.mp37.14 MB
audio 4-03 Sing Swan Song.mp322.26 MB
audio 4-04 Soup.mp331.55 MB
audio 4-05 Bel Air.mp367.8 MB
audio 4-06 Up The Bakerloo Line With Anne.mp344.04 MB
torrent Can-Get The Can (4 CD Boxset-Rarities) Krautrock 1968-1973.torrent17.8 KB
torrent Can-Olympia (Live in Paris 1973) Rare Krautrock.torrent14.36 KB
torrent Can-The Early Years (Rare Krautrock).torrent15.06 KB
image Volume 1 Disc.jpg456.06 KB
image Volume 1 Front.jpg543.24 KB
image Volume 1 Rear.jpg607.87 KB
image Volume 1 Tray.jpg509.32 KB
image Volume 2 Disc.jpg351.88 KB
image Volume 2 Front.jpg526.35 KB
image Volume 2 Rear.jpg533.2 KB
image Volume 2 tray.jpg538.97 KB
image Volume 3 disc.jpg401.71 KB
image Volume 3 Front.jpg575.87 KB
image Volume 3 rear.jpg520.37 KB
image Volume 3 tray.jpg490.35 KB
image Volume 4 disc.jpg335.95 KB
image Volume 4 front.jpg540.01 KB
image Volume 4 rear.jpg601.73 KB
image Volume 4 tray.jpg343.61 KB

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