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Size85.49 MB
Age8 years ago
DateSunday 06 September 2009
CategorySoftware > Windows - Video Apps
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1. Open and install VirtuaGirl2-desktop-stripper.exe
2. Shut down the program once it's done
3. Open and install virtuagirl-reg.reg
4. Restart Virtua Girl, it should say "Registered to" in the top-right corner\
5. Go to the Virtua Girl Models\vg1_reg folder and install each EXE for VG1 girls (nude)
6. Go to the Virtua Girl Models\vg2_unreg folder and install each EXE for VG2 girls (non-nude, optional)

You'll now have the full version of Virtua Girl 2, but only with the VG1 girls until someone gets the full VG2 girls.

As for Strip Saver, that's up to you to install and do whatever with.



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Torrent nameSize
exe Strip Saver Models/freesample_zuzana.EXE3.92 MB
exe Strip Saver Models/freesample_radka.EXE2.69 MB
exe Strip Saver Models/freesample_helena_karel.EXE2.65 MB
exe Strip Saver Models/freesample_monika.EXE2.5 MB
exe Strip Saver Models/freesample_klara.EXE2.26 MB
exe Strip Saver Models/freesample_adriana_m.EXE2.2 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/DreJan03.exe2.26 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/CamAla03.exe2.21 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/BadDit03.exe2.15 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/bubd126500.exe2.09 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/FirCam03.exe1.68 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/WilMah03.exe1.61 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/EveNan03.exe1.55 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/strmel03.EXE1.49 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/WilNan04.exe1.41 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/fitmel03.EXE1.4 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/CalAna03.exe1.39 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/cluver03.EXE1.29 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/sexsha03.EXE1.28 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/btych426500.exe1.17 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/alsbl518467.exe1.05 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/gamjud05.EXE1.02 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/bluang03.EXE1.01 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/cugad326500.exe949.19 KB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg1_reg/WilNan03.exe598.25 KB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_laetitia_take2.exe2.51 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_sunny_leone.exe1.81 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_morgane.exe1.72 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_madyson.exe1.61 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_heidi.exe1.55 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_cathy.exe1.55 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_jodie.exe1.53 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_aria.exe1.5 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_deborah.exe1.46 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_karen.exe1.42 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_lady_shade.exe1.34 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_amg.exe1.33 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_ashley.exe1.3 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_janet.exe1.27 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_danav.exe1.16 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_brooke.exe1.1 MB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_sonia.exe950.99 KB
exe Virtua Girl Models/vg2_unreg/freesample_sandy.exe872.49 KB
exe StripSaver2.exe8.07 MB
exe VirtuaGirl2-desktop-stripper.exe7.7 MB
unknown virtuagirl-reg.reg1022 Byte
text instructions.txt603 Byte
text tracked_by_h33t_com.txt23 Byte
text virtuagirl-key.txt19 Byte

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