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Size339.88 MB
Age8 years ago by Musicman1962
DateMonday 30 March 2009
CategoryMusic > Rock
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Torrent nameSize
audio Adventures in Utopia/01.The Road to Utopia.mp35.14 MB
audio Adventures in Utopia/02.You Make Me Crazy.mp33.7 MB
audio Adventures in Utopia/03.Second Nature.mp32.71 MB
audio Adventures in Utopia/04.Set Me Free.mp33.21 MB
audio Adventures in Utopia/05.Caravan.mp36.76 MB
audio Adventures in Utopia/06.Last of the New Wave Riders.mp34.33 MB
audio Adventures in Utopia/07.Shot in the Dark.mp33.7 MB
audio Adventures in Utopia/08.The Very Last Time.mp33.87 MB
audio Adventures in Utopia/09.Love Alone.mp33.91 MB
audio Adventures in Utopia/10.Rock Love.mp35.41 MB
text Adventures in Utopia/1980.txt0 Byte
image Adventures in Utopia/Adventures in Utopia.jpg333.13 KB
audio Adventures in Utopia/Adventures in Utopia.m3u243 Byte
text Adventures in Utopia/CD.txt0 Byte
audio Oblivion/01.Itch in My Brain.mp33.11 MB
audio Oblivion/02.Love with a Thinker.mp32.25 MB
audio Oblivion/03.Bring Me My Long Bow.mp32.3 MB
audio Oblivion/04.If I Didnt Try.mp32.9 MB
audio Oblivion/05.Too Much Water.mp33.24 MB
audio Oblivion/06.Maybe I Could Change.mp32.89 MB
audio Oblivion/07.Crybaby.mp33.01 MB
audio Oblivion/08.Welcome to My Revolution.mp32.3 MB
audio Oblivion/09.Winston Smith Takes It on the Jaw.mp33.52 MB
audio Oblivion/10.I Will Wait.mp33.26 MB
text Oblivion/1984.txt0 Byte
text Oblivion/Mp3PRO-96kbs.txt0 Byte
image Oblivion/Oblivion.jpg9.93 KB
audio Oblivion/Oblivion.m3u276 Byte
audio Ra/01.Communion with the Sun.mp36.87 MB
audio Ra/02.Magic Dragon Theatre.mp33.46 MB
audio Ra/03.Jealousy.mp34.61 MB
audio Ra/04.Eternal Love.mp34.7 MB
audio Ra/05.Sunburst Finish.mp37.16 MB
audio Ra/06.Hiroshima.mp36.93 MB
audio Ra/07.Singring and the Glass Guitar.mp317.09 MB
text Ra/1977.txt0 Byte
text Ra/CD.txt0 Byte
image Ra/Ra.jpg282.86 KB
audio Ra/Ra.m3u185 Byte
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/01.Fix Your Gaze.mp34.61 MB
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/02.Zen Machine.mp34.6 MB
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/03.Trapped.mp33.19 MB
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/04.Princess of the Universe.mp33.47 MB
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/05.Abandon City.mp34.8 MB
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/06.Hammer in My Heart.mp34.41 MB
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/07.Swing to the Right.mp34.83 MB
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/08.The Ikon.mp34.54 MB
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/09.Hiroshima.mp37.07 MB
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/10.Back on the Street.mp34.38 MB
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/11.Only Human.mp36.09 MB
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/12.Love in Action.mp33.68 MB
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/13.Caravan.mp37.56 MB
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/14.Last of the New Wave Riders.mp35.29 MB
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/15.One World.mp33.46 MB
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/16.Love is the Answer.mp35.18 MB
text Redux '92-Live in Japan/1993.txt0 Byte
text Redux '92-Live in Japan/CD.txt0 Byte
image Redux '92-Live in Japan/Redux '92-Live in Japan.jpg298.87 KB
audio Redux '92-Live in Japan/Redux '92-Live in Japan.m3u374 Byte
audio Todd Rundgren's Utopia/01.Utopia Theme.mp313.54 MB
audio Todd Rundgren's Utopia/02.Freak Parade.mp39.81 MB
audio Todd Rundgren's Utopia/03.Freedom Fighters.mp33.95 MB
audio Todd Rundgren's Utopia/04.The Ikon.mp328.07 MB
text Todd Rundgren's Utopia/1974.txt0 Byte
text Todd Rundgren's Utopia/CD.txt0 Byte
image Todd Rundgren's Utopia/Todd Rundgren's Utopia.jpg218.54 KB
audio Todd Rundgren's Utopia/Todd Rundgren's Utopia.m3u91 Byte
audio Todd Rundgren's Utopia-Another Live (Live)/01.Another Life.mp35.34 MB
audio Todd Rundgren's Utopia-Another Live (Live)/02.The Wheel.mp34.96 MB
audio Todd Rundgren's Utopia-Another Live (Live)/03.The Seven Rays.mp36.2 MB
audio Todd Rundgren's Utopia-Another Live (Live)/04.Intro-Mister Triscuits.mp33.85 MB
audio Todd Rundgren's Utopia-Another Live (Live)/05.Something's Coming.mp32.07 MB
audio Todd Rundgren's Utopia-Another Live (Live)/06.Heavy Metal Kids.mp33.04 MB
audio Todd Rundgren's Utopia-Another Live (Live)/07.Do Ya.mp32.99 MB
audio Todd Rundgren's Utopia-Another Live (Live)/08.Just One Victory.mp33.96 MB
text Todd Rundgren's Utopia-Another Live (Live)/1975.txt0 Byte
text Todd Rundgren's Utopia-Another Live (Live)/Mp3PRO-96kbs.txt0 Byte
image Todd Rundgren's Utopia-Another Live (Live)/Todd Rundgren's Utopia-Another Live (Live).jpg101.32 KB
audio Todd Rundgren's Utopia-Another Live (Live)/Todd Rundgren's Utopia-Another Live (Live).m3u193 Byte
audio Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live)/01.Trapped.mp31.33 MB
audio Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live)/02.Abandon City.mp33.75 MB
audio Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live)/03.Love of the Common Man.mp32.56 MB
audio Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live)/04.Last Ride.mp34.96 MB
audio Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live)/05.Shot in the Dark.mp32.37 MB
audio Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live)/06.The Seven Rays.mp39.06 MB
audio Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live)/07.Can We Still Be Friends.mp32.91 MB
audio Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live)/08.Gangrene.mp32.8 MB
audio Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live)/09.The Wheel.mp37.23 MB
audio Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live)/10.Love Alone.mp32.95 MB
audio Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live)/11.Last of the New Wave Riders.mp34.47 MB
audio Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live)/12.The Death of Rock 'n' Roll.mp32.86 MB
audio Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live)/13.Just One Victory.mp34.05 MB
text Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live)/Mp3PRO-96kbs.txt0 Byte
image Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live)/Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live).jpg67.57 KB
audio Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live)/Utopia-KSAN 95FM 1979 (Live).m3u323 Byte

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