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Size280.9 MB
Age9 years ago
DateFriday 14 November 2008
CategoryMusic > Pop
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Torrent nameSize
audio Another Lonely Soul (2004)/01 Lend Me Love.mp311.2 MB
audio Another Lonely Soul (2004)/02 Never Back Down.mp39.86 MB
audio Another Lonely Soul (2004)/03 Rome.mp39.46 MB
audio Another Lonely Soul (2004)/04 Faith.mp311.51 MB
audio Another Lonely Soul (2004)/05 When the Lights Go Down on the Broken Hearted.mp310.65 MB
audio Another Lonely Soul (2004)/06 Lost out Over You.mp38.97 MB
audio Another Lonely Soul (2004)/07 Ask for the Moon.mp310.32 MB
audio Another Lonely Soul (2004)/08 This Is a Road to Nowhere.mp36.38 MB
audio Another Lonely Soul (2004)/09 Don't Ever Let It Get You Down.mp310.09 MB
audio Another Lonely Soul (2004)/10 Still Learning to Fly.mp39.59 MB
image Another Lonely Soul (2004)/Album Art/front 1.jpg20.19 KB
image Another Lonely Soul (2004)/Album Art/front 2.jpg10.43 KB
image Another Lonely Soul (2004)/folder.jpg20.19 KB
audio Bonus/K's Choice & Novastar - Don't Let Me Down (Beatles cover).mp34.63 MB
audio Bonus/Novastar - Mother (End Part)(Lennon Cover)(Live).mp31.21 MB
audio Bonus/Novastar - Ten Eleven (First Recorded Song).mp34.8 MB
text Bonus/Video Info.txt138 Byte
image Bonus/Wallpaper 1.jpg1017.81 KB
image Bonus/Wallpaper 2.jpg916.53 KB
image Bonus/folder.jpg2.37 KB
image Novastar - Almost Bangor (2008)/Album Art/Back.jpg830.91 KB
image Novastar - Almost Bangor (2008)/Album Art/Front.jpg96.37 KB
image Novastar - Almost Bangor (2008)/AlbumArtSmall.jpg1.94 KB
image Novastar - Almost Bangor (2008)/Folder.jpg6.77 KB
audio Novastar - Almost Bangor (2008)/Novastar - 01 - Mars Needs Woman.mp36.4 MB
audio Novastar - Almost Bangor (2008)/Novastar - 02 - Weller Weakness.mp38.21 MB
audio Novastar - Almost Bangor (2008)/Novastar - 03 - Making Waves.mp35.89 MB
audio Novastar - Almost Bangor (2008)/Novastar - 04 - Tunnelvision.mp36.65 MB
audio Novastar - Almost Bangor (2008)/Novastar - 05 - Because.mp36.53 MB
audio Novastar - Almost Bangor (2008)/Novastar - 06 - Bangor.mp36.6 MB
audio Novastar - Almost Bangor (2008)/Novastar - 07 - Sundance.mp35.89 MB
audio Novastar - Almost Bangor (2008)/Novastar - 08 - Wings On Me.mp36 MB
audio Novastar - Almost Bangor (2008)/Novastar - 09 - Miles.mp37.62 MB
audio Novastar - Almost Bangor (2008)/Novastar - 10 - All Day Long.mp35.12 MB
audio Novastar - Novastar (2000)/01 Wrong.mp39.23 MB
audio Novastar - Novastar (2000)/02 Smooth Flavours.mp34.99 MB
audio Novastar - Novastar (2000)/03 Caramia.mp311 MB
audio Novastar - Novastar (2000)/04 Moreau.mp310.13 MB
audio Novastar - Novastar (2000)/05 The Best Is Yet to Come.mp38.74 MB
audio Novastar - Novastar (2000)/06 Millersan.mp34.76 MB
audio Novastar - Novastar (2000)/07 Carelessly dating.mp34.38 MB
audio Novastar - Novastar (2000)/08 E.mp33.83 MB
audio Novastar - Novastar (2000)/09 Do Run.mp34.99 MB
audio Novastar - Novastar (2000)/10 Lost & blown away.mp33.83 MB
image Novastar - Novastar (2000)/Album Art/novastar - novastar - back.jpg76.69 KB
image Novastar - Novastar (2000)/Album Art/novastar - novastar - cd.jpg341.11 KB
image Novastar - Novastar (2000)/Album Art/novastar - novastar - front.jpg124.43 KB
image Novastar - Novastar (2000)/folder.jpg124.43 KB
video Novastar Video/Never Back Down - (Novastar - Mtv 2006).mpg37.94 MB
image Novastar Video/folder.jpg2.83 KB
text Byte
text info.txt30 Byte

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