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Size79.71 GB
Age9 years ago
DateSaturday 08 November 2008
CategoryGames > PSP
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Torrent nameSize
unknown 007 - The World Is Not Enough/SLUS01272/EBOOT.PBP454.03 MB
unknown Air Combat/SLUS00001/EBOOT.PBP449.54 MB
unknown All-Star Slammin' Dodgeball/EBOOT.PBP90.98 MB
unknown Alladin/EBOOT.PBP598.73 MB
iso Alladin/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Alundra/SLUS00553/EBOOT.PBP339.25 MB
unknown Alundra 2/SLUS01017/EBOOT.PBP405.68 MB
unknown American Pool/EBOOT.PBP2.9 MB
unknown Arc The Lad/SLUS01224/EBOOT.PBP321.97 MB
unknown Arc The Lad - Monster Tournament/SLUS01255/EBOOT.PBP72.61 MB
unknown Arc The Lad II/SLUS01252/EBOOT.PBP379.07 MB
unknown Batman Beyond/EBOOT.PBP458.9 MB
iso Batman Beyond/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Batman Forever/EBOOT.PBP46.3 MB
iso Batman Forever/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Battle Arena Toshinden/SCUS94200/EBOOT.PBP382.81 MB
unknown Battle Arena Toshinden 2/5267CD6D/EBOOT.PBP614.05 MB
unknown Beyond The Beyond/SCUS94702/EBOOT.PBP56.43 MB
unknown Blade/BLADE/EBOOT.PBP597.41 MB
html Blade/lopper369 - Mininova.url127 Byte
html Blade/lopper369 - TPB.url128 Byte
text Blade/Read Me.txt99 Byte
unknown Blazing Dragons/SLUS00100/EBOOT.PBP142.41 MB
unknown Blood Omen - Legacy Of Kain/SLUS00027/EBOOT.PBP511.9 MB
unknown Bloody Roar II/SCUS94424/EBOOT.PBP323.16 MB
unknown Bomberman World/EBOOT.PBP346.04 MB
iso Bomberman World/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Brave Fencer Musashi/EBOOT.PBP239.12 MB
unknown Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 2/EBOOT.PBP572.68 MB
iso Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 2/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Bubble Bobble - f. Rainbow Islands/EBOOT.PBP92.56 MB
unknown Bushido Blade/EBOOT.PBP297.22 MB
iso Bushido Blade/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Bushido Blade 2/EBOOT.PBP358.79 MB
iso Bushido Blade 2/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Capcom VS SNK/EBOOT.PBP589.4 MB
iso Capcom VS SNK/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Carmagedon/EBOOT.PBP445.97 MB
iso Carmagedon/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Carmagedon/Thumbs.db7 KB
unknown Castlevania - Simphony Of The Night/EBOOT.PBP353.67 MB
iso Castlevania - Simphony Of The Night/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Castlevania Chronicles/EBOOT.PBP392.37 MB
iso Castlevania Chronicles/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Chocobo's Dungeon 2/SLUS00814/EBOOT.PBP314.4 MB
unknown Chrono Cross/EBOOT.PBP982.01 MB
iso Chrono Cross/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Chrono Trigger/SLUS01363/EBOOT.PBP314.17 MB
unknown Cool Boarders - Extreme Snowboard/EBOOT.PBP296.37 MB
iso Cool Boarders - Extreme Snowboard/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Cool Boarders 2001/EBOOT.PBP121.95 MB
iso Cool Boarders 2001/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Crash Bandicoot/EBOOT.PBP526.8 MB
iso Crash Bandicoot/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Crash Bandicoot 2/EBOOT.PBP249.93 MB
iso Crash Bandicoot 2/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Crash Bandicoot 3/.DS_Store6 KB
unknown Crash Bandicoot 3/EBOOT.PBP129.2 MB
iso Crash Bandicoot 3/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Crash Bash/EBOOT.PBP189.53 MB
iso Crash Bash/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Crash Team Racing/EBOOT.PBP707.22 MB
iso Crash Team Racing/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Darkstalkers - The Night Warriors/SLUS00036/EBOOT.PBP426.33 MB
unknown Dave Mirra's Freestyle BMX/SLUS01026/EBOOT.PBP95.63 MB
unknown Dead Or Alive/SLUS00606/EBOOT.PBP466.4 MB
unknown Deathtrap Dungeon/EBOOT.PBP263.08 MB
unknown Descent/EBOOT.PBP353.72 MB
iso Descent/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
text Descent/readme.txt51 Byte
unknown Descent Maximum/EBOOT.PBP322.19 MB
iso Descent Maximum/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
text Descent Maximum/readme.txt59 Byte
unknown Destruction Derby/EBOOT.PBP563.63 MB
iso Destruction Derby/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Diablo/EBOOT.PBP430.37 MB
unknown Die Hard Trilogy/SLES00445/EBOOT.PBP488.46 MB
unknown Digimon Rumble Arena/EBOOT.PBP257.39 MB
iso Digimon Rumble Arena/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Digimon World 2/EBOOT.PBP208.45 MB
unknown Digimon World 3/SCAS49731/EBOOT.PBP619.09 MB
iso Digimon World 3/SCAS49731/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Dino Crisis/EBOOT.PBP179.54 MB
unknown Dino Crisis 2/EBOOT.PBP161.03 MB
unknown Dragon Seed/SLUS00734/EBOOT.PBP168.1 MB
unknown Dragonball Final Bout/EBOOT.PBP154.79 MB
iso Dragonball Final Bout/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Ehrgeiz (Use 3.11)/SLUS00809/EBOOT.PBP474.76 MB
unknown Einhander/SCUS94243/EBOOT.PBP330.05 MB
unknown Fighting Force/SLUS00433/EBOOT.PBP435.95 MB
unknown Final Doom/EBOOT.PBP239.93 MB
unknown Final Fantasy IV/SLUS01360/EBOOT.PBP253.33 MB
unknown Final Fantasy IX/EBOOT.PBP1.76 GB
iso Final Fantasy IX/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Final Fantasy V/SLUS00879/EBOOT.PBP172.02 MB
unknown Final Fantasy VI/SLUS00900/EBOOT.PBP208.12 MB
unknown Final Fantasy VII/EBOOT.PBP1.47 GB
iso Final Fantasy VII/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
text Final Fantasy VII/Pops 3.71.txt0 Byte
unknown Final Fantasy VIII/EBOOT.PBP2.06 GB
iso Final Fantasy VIII/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Front Mission 3/SLUS01011/EBOOT.PBP374.63 MB
unknown Gauntlet Legends/EBOOT.PBP403.88 MB
unknown Gekido/EBOOT.PBP293.32 MB
iso Gekido/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Ghost In The Shell/SLUS00552/EBOOT.PBP410.83 MB
unknown Gran Turismo/EBOOT.PBP433.82 MB
unknown Gran Turismo 2/EBOOT.PBP661.14 MB
iso Gran Turismo 2/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Grand Theft Auto 2/EBOOT.PBP377.46 MB
unknown Grandia/EBOOT.PBP957.82 MB
iso Grandia/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Granstream Saga/EBOOT.PBP398.1 MB
unknown Gundam Battle Master 2/EBOOT.PBP423.76 MB
iso Gundam Battle Master 2/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Hercules/SCES00894/EBOOT.PBP231.12 MB
unknown Hot Shots Golf 2/SCUS94476/EBOOT.PBP175.05 MB
unknown Jet Moto/SCUS94309/EBOOT.PBP341.43 MB
unknown Jet Moto 3/EBOOT.PBP609.29 MB
unknown Kartia/SLUS00631/EBOOT.PBP275.32 MB
unknown King's Field (Translated)/EBOOT.PBP12.2 MB
unknown King's Field 1/EBOOT.PBP147.99 MB
unknown King's Field 2/EBOOT.PBP370.66 MB
unknown Klonoa - Door To Phantomile/SLUS00585/EBOOT.PBP446.2 MB
unknown Koudelka/SLUS01051/EBOOT.PBP1.2 GB
unknown Legacy Of Kain - Soul Reaver/EBOOT.PBP318.2 MB
unknown Legend of Legaia/EBOOT.PBP279.71 MB
unknown Legend Of Mana/SLUS01013/EBOOT.PBP424.09 MB
unknown Lemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings/SLUS00760/EBOOT.PBP410.96 MB
unknown Loaded/SLUS00076/EBOOT.PBP517.61 MB
unknown Magic The Gathering - Battlemage/SLUS00247/EBOOT.PBP402.45 MB
unknown Marvel Super Heroes/EBOOT.PBP462.43 MB
iso Marvel Super Heroes/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Marvel VS Capcom/EBOOT.PBP271.06 MB
iso Marvel VS Capcom/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Marvel VS Street Fighter/EBOOT.PBP301.28 MB
unknown Medal Of Honor/SLUS00974/EBOOT.PBP521.25 MB
unknown Megaman 8/EBOOT.PBP253.11 MB
iso Megaman 8/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Megaman Legends/EBOOT.PBP224.86 MB
iso Megaman Legends/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Megaman Legends 2/EBOOT.PBP250.55 MB
iso Megaman Legends 2/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Megaman X4/EBOOT.PBP399.33 MB
iso Megaman X4/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Megaman X5/EBOOT.PBP557.28 MB
iso Megaman X5/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Megaman X6/EBOOT.PBP573.54 MB
iso Megaman X6/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Metal Gear Solid/MGS DISK I/EBOOT.PBP674.58 MB
iso Metal Gear Solid/MGS DISK I/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Metal Gear Solid/MGS DISK II/EBOOT.PBP699.67 MB
iso Metal Gear Solid/MGS DISK II/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Metal Slug X/EBOOT.PBP100.81 MB
iso Metal Slug X/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Miracle Space Race/SLUS01556/EBOOT.PBP41.49 MB
unknown Monopoly/EBOOT.PBP244.72 MB
iso Monopoly/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Monster Rancher/SLUS00568/EBOOT.PBP216.63 MB
unknown Monster Rancher 2/SLUS00917/EBOOT.PBP228.98 MB
unknown Monster Seed/SLUS00743/EBOOT.PBP171.44 MB
unknown Mortal Kombat - Special Forces/SLUS00824/EBOOT.PBP189.42 MB
unknown Mortal Kombat 2/EBOOT.PBP46.21 MB
unknown Mortal Kombat Trilogy/EBOOT.PBP485.44 MB
iso Mortal Kombat Trilogy/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Motor Toon Grand Prix/SCUS94355/EBOOT.PBP261.53 MB
unknown Mr. Driller/SLUS01111/EBOOT.PBP179.29 MB
unknown Myst/SCUS94602/EBOOT.PBP405.38 MB
unknown Need For Speed - V-Rally/SLUS00590/EBOOT.PBP251.45 MB
iso Need For Speed - V-Rally/SLUS00590/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Oddworld - Abe's Exoddus/D1/EBOOT.PBP454.87 MB
iso Oddworld - Abe's Exoddus/D1/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Oddworld - Abe's Exoddus/D2/EBOOT.PBP367.41 MB
iso Oddworld - Abe's Exoddus/D2/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Oddworld - Abe's Oddyssee/SLES00840/EBOOT.PBP521.22 MB
unknown One Piece Grand Battle/One Piece Grand Battle/EBOOT.PBP372.42 MB
unknown Over Blood/EBOOT.PBP389.25 MB
unknown Parasite Eve/EBOOT.PBP663.85 MB
iso Parasite Eve/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Persona/SLUS00339/EBOOT.PBP428.7 MB
unknown Persona 2/SLUS01158/EBOOT.PBP496.43 MB
unknown Populous - The Beginning/SLUS00277/EBOOT.PBP268.48 MB
unknown Quake II/EBOOT.PBP334.99 MB
iso Quake II/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Raiden DX (jap)/SCPS45019/EBOOT.PBP61.8 MB
unknown Raiden Project/SCUS94402/EBOOT.PBP24.45 MB
unknown Resident Evil/EBOOT.PBP696.29 MB
iso Resident Evil/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
iso Resident Evil/SCPH1001.BIN512 KB
unknown Resident Evil - Survivor/EBOOT.PBP195.58 MB
unknown Resident Evil 2/RESIDENT EVIL 2 - LEON/EBOOT.PBP431.88 MB
unknown Resident Evil 2/SLUS00421/EBOOT.PBP433.58 MB
unknown Resident Evil 3 - [USE 3.03]/EBOOT.PBP426.53 MB
unknown Road Rash Jailbreak/EBOOT.PBP389.17 MB
iso Road Rash Jailbreak/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Saga Frontier/EBOOT.PBP239.58 MB
unknown SaGa Frontier II/EBOOT.PBP356.85 MB
unknown Saiyuki - Journey West/SLUS01381/EBOOT.PBP363.54 MB
unknown Samurai Showdown IV - Amakusa's Revenge/EBOOT.PBP689.96 MB
iso Samurai Showdown IV - Amakusa's Revenge/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Shadow Tower/EBOOT.PBP180.45 MB
unknown Silent Hill/SLUS00707/EBOOT.PBP331.39 MB
unknown Silhouette Mirage/EBOOT.PBP590.99 MB
iso Silhouette Mirage/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Skullmonkeys/SLES01090/EBOOT.PBP451.08 MB
unknown Soul Balde/EBOOT.PBP504.38 MB
iso Soul Balde/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Spyro/DOCUMENT.DAT11.65 MB
unknown Spyro/EBOOT.PBP632.25 MB
iso Spyro/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Spyro 2/EBOOT.PBP373 MB
unknown Spyro 3/EBOOT.PBP342.17 MB
unknown Star Wars - Demolition/SLES03273/EBOOT.PBP522.04 MB
unknown Star Wars - Jedi Power Battles/EBOOT.PBP285.26 MB
iso Star Wars - Jedi Power Battles/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Street Fighter Alpha 3/SLUS00821/EBOOT.PBP338.74 MB
unknown Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha/SLUS00548/EBOOT.PBP294.69 MB
unknown Street Fighter EX2 Plus/EBOOT.PBP427.76 MB
iso Street Fighter EX2 Plus/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Strider/SLUS01142/EBOOT.PBP29.17 MB
unknown Strider 2/SLUS01163/EBOOT.PBP243.56 MB
unknown Suikoden/SLUS00292/EBOOT.PBP384.23 MB
iso Suikoden/SLUS00292/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Suikoden2/SLUS00958/EBOOT.PBP339.04 MB
iso Suikoden2/SLUS00958/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo/EBOOT.PBP368.69 MB
iso Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Syphon Filter/DOCUMENT.DAT36.54 KB
unknown Syphon Filter/EBOOT.PBP430.47 MB
unknown Syphon Filter 2/SyphonFilter2D1.iso/DOCUMENT.DAT36.54 KB
unknown Syphon Filter 2/SyphonFilter2D1.iso/EBOOT.PBP473.89 MB
unknown Syphon Filter 2/SyphonFilter2D2.iso/DOCUMENT.DAT36.54 KB
unknown Syphon Filter 2/SyphonFilter2D2.iso/EBOOT.PBP513.85 MB
unknown Syphon Filter 3/DOCUMENT.DAT36.54 KB
unknown Syphon Filter 3/EBOOT.PBP436.86 MB
unknown Tactics Ogre/SLUS00560/EBOOT.PBP50.41 MB
unknown Tail Of The Sun - Wild, Pure, Simple Life/SCUS94607/EBOOT.PBP257.94 MB
unknown Tales of destiny/EBOOT.PBP351.38 MB
unknown Tales Of Destiny II/SLUS01355/EBOOT.PBP1.2 GB
unknown Tekken/SCES00005/EBOOT.PBP614.38 MB
unknown Tekken 3/EBOOT.PBP662.11 MB
iso Tekken 3/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Tenchu - Stealth Assassins/SLUS00706/EBOOT.PBP396.71 MB
unknown Tenchu 2 - Birth of Stealth Assassins/EBOOT.PBP710.92 MB
iso Tenchu 2 - Birth of Stealth Assassins/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Threads Of Fate/SLUS01019/EBOOT.PBP241.43 MB
unknown Thrill Kill/SLUS00752/EBOOT.PBP499.3 MB
unknown Time Crisis/EBOOT.PBP600.97 MB
iso Time Crisis/keys.bin16 Byte
unknown Tiny Tank/EBOOT.PBP493.18 MB
iso Tiny Tank/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
text Tiny Tank/readme.txt53 Byte
unknown Tomb Raider/EBOOT.PBP413.71 MB
unknown Tomba!/EBOOT.PBP181.97 MB
unknown Tomba! 2/EBOOT.PBP419.25 MB
unknown Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1/EBOOT.PBP631.53 MB
iso Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2/EBOOT.PBP714.72 MB
iso Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3/EBOOT.PBP674.67 MB
iso Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4/EBOOT.PBP714.04 MB
iso Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown ToPhan/EBOOT.PBP372.87 MB
iso ToPhan/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Twisted Metal/EBOOT.PBP327.27 MB
iso Twisted Metal/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Twisted Metal 2/EBOOT.PBP701.19 MB
iso Twisted Metal 2/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Twisted Metal 3/EBOOT.PBP617.46 MB
iso Twisted Metal 3/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Twisted Metal 4/EBOOT.PBP714.08 MB
iso Twisted Metal 4/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Twisted Metal Small Brawl/EBOOT.PBP314.28 MB
iso Twisted Metal Small Brawl/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Unholy War/SLUS00676/EBOOT.PBP137.49 MB
unknown Vagrant Story/SLUS01040/EBOOT.PBP116.43 MB
unknown Vanguard Bandits/SLUS01070/EBOOT.PBP396.88 MB
unknown Vigilante 8/SLUS00510/EBOOT.PBP488.98 MB
unknown Vigilante 8 - Second Offence/SLUS00868/EBOOT.PBP599.41 MB
unknown War Craft II - The Dark Saga/SLUS00480/DOCUMENT.DAT3 Byte
unknown War Craft II - The Dark Saga/SLUS00480/EBOOT.PBP692.33 MB
iso War Craft II - The Dark Saga/SLUS00480/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Wild 9/EBOOT.PBP489.27 MB
unknown Wild Arms/SCUS94608/EBOOT.PBP318.54 MB
unknown Wu-Tang - Shaolin Style/SLUS00929/EBOOT.PBP535.81 MB
unknown X-Men - Children Of The Atom/SLUS00044/EBOOT.PBP443.37 MB
unknown X-Men - Mutant Academy/SLUS00774/EBOOT.PBP446.67 MB
unknown X-Men VS Street Fighter/EBOOT.PBP375.58 MB
iso X-Men VS Street Fighter/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown Xena - Warrior Princess/Xena/EBOOT.PBP309.19 MB
html Xena - Warrior Princess/lopper369 - Mininova.url127 Byte
html Xena - Warrior Princess/lopper369 - TPB.url128 Byte
text Xena - Warrior Princess/Read Me.txt99 Byte
unknown Xenogears/EBOOT.PBP869.2 MB
iso Xenogears/KEYS.BIN16 Byte
unknown info_file.php47 Byte

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