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Size1.17 GB
Age9 years ago by munsterjones
DateWednesday 01 October 2008
CategoryMusic > Metal
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brought to you by munsterjones. enjoy.



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Torrent nameSize
audio Cacophony/Go Off/Cacophony - 01 - X-Ray Eyes - Go Off.mp311.84 MB
audio Cacophony/Go Off/Cacophony - 02 - E.S.P. - Go Off.mp314 MB
audio Cacophony/Go Off/Cacophony - 03 - Stranger - Go Off.mp37.82 MB
audio Cacophony/Go Off/Cacophony - 04 - Go Off - Go Off.mp38.66 MB
audio Cacophony/Go Off/Cacophony - 05 - Black Cat - Go Off.mp317.75 MB
audio Cacophony/Go Off/Cacophony - 06 - Sword Of The Warrior - Go Off.mp311.81 MB
audio Cacophony/Go Off/Cacophony - 07 - Floating World - Go Off.mp311.85 MB
audio Cacophony/Go Off/Cacophony - 08 - Images - Go Off.mp38.54 MB
audio Cacophony/Speed Metal Symphony/01 - Savage.mp35.34 MB
audio Cacophony/Speed Metal Symphony/02 - where my fortune lies.mp36.25 MB
audio Cacophony/Speed Metal Symphony/03 - the ninja.mp310.17 MB
audio Cacophony/Speed Metal Symphony/04 - concerto.mp36.34 MB
audio Cacophony/Speed Metal Symphony/05 - burn the ground.mp39.41 MB
audio Cacophony/Speed Metal Symphony/06 - desert island.mp38.79 MB
audio Cacophony/Speed Metal Symphony/07 - speed metal symphony.mp313.11 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/01 Renaissance.mp32.92 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/02 Perpetual Motion.mp33.09 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/03 Die Happy.mp34.46 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/04 Cage.mp33.79 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/05 Real.mp34.75 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/06 Slide Rule.mp35.39 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/07 Painted Truth.mp32.93 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/08 Celebration.mp35.17 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/09 Melrose.mp33.87 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/10 Sticks And Stones.mp33.59 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/11 Justified.mp33.24 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/12 Love Sick Dog.mp33.83 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/13 Tear Gallery.mp35.45 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/14 Blue.mp33.94 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/15 Talk Eden.mp35.02 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/16 Temple of Soul.mp34.8 MB
audio Die Happy/Die Happy/17 Temple of Soul.mp34.64 MB
image Die Happy/diehpy1.jpg16.46 KB
image Die Happy/diehpy2.jpg5.77 KB
audio Disciple/By God/01 By God.mp38.72 MB
audio Disciple/By God/02 Not Rock Stars.mp38.34 MB
audio Disciple/By God/03 God of Elijah.mp37.26 MB
audio Disciple/By God/04 Knocked Down.mp37.68 MB
audio Disciple/By God/05 Blow the House Down.mp39.3 MB
audio Disciple/By God/06 Coal.mp37.86 MB
audio Disciple/By God/07 Can't Breathe.mp310.84 MB
audio Disciple/By God/08 Salt Lamp.mp37.75 MB
audio Disciple/By God/09 You Are Here.mp39.69 MB
audio Disciple/By God/10 Thousand Things.mp313.85 MB
audio Disciple/By God/11 99.mp36.07 MB
audio Disciple/By God/12 Whiny Britches.mp3806.75 KB
audio Disciple/By God/13 You Rock My Socks Off.mp37.58 MB
audio Disciple/By God/14 Hate Your Guts.mp37.17 MB
audio Disciple/By God/15 Whether You Like It or Not.mp3604.88 KB
audio Disciple/By God/16 Not Since Breakfast.mp38.41 MB
audio Disciple/By God/17 Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired.mp310.02 MB
audio Disciple/By God/18 But Wait There's More.mp37.36 MB
audio Disciple/By God/19 Rich Man.mp39.22 MB
audio Disciple/By God/20 [Untitled Track].mp38.27 MB
audio Disciple/By God/21 Track 21.mp39.38 MB
image Disciple/By God/AlbumArtSmall.jpg2.27 KB
image Disciple/By God/AlbumArt_{79AE39C4-0D63-4CE7-A783-0FF8ED228B8D}_Large.jpg8.85 KB
image Disciple/By God/AlbumArt_{79AE39C4-0D63-4CE7-A783-0FF8ED228B8D}_Small.jpg2.27 KB
image Disciple/By God/Folder.jpg8.85 KB
text Disciple/By God/desktop.ini351 Byte
text Disciple/desktop.ini352 Byte
image Disciple/disciple_bygod.jpg3.52 KB
audio Eternal Decision/Eternal Decision/01-Risen.mp33.43 MB
audio Eternal Decision/Eternal Decision/02-Power.mp33.78 MB
audio Eternal Decision/Eternal Decision/03-The Search.mp34.05 MB
audio Eternal Decision/Eternal Decision/04-Overflow.mp34.4 MB
audio Eternal Decision/Eternal Decision/05-Things I Say.mp33.86 MB
audio Eternal Decision/Eternal Decision/06-Fearless.mp34.74 MB
audio Eternal Decision/Eternal Decision/07-Imminent Destruction.mp34.07 MB
audio Eternal Decision/Eternal Decision/08-Alive.mp35.32 MB
audio Eternal Decision/Eternal Decision/09-Turn.mp33.68 MB
audio Eternal Decision/Eternal Decision/10-Hunger.mp33.91 MB
image Eternal Decision/eternal decision.bmp91.32 KB
audio Narnia/Enter the Gate/01 into the game.wma4.26 MB
audio Narnia/Enter the Gate/02 people of the bloodred cross.wma4.29 MB
audio Narnia/Enter the Gate/03 another world.wma5.62 MB
audio Narnia/Enter the Gate/04 show all the world.wma4.78 MB
audio Narnia/Enter the Gate/05 enter the gate.wma4.25 MB
audio Narnia/Enter the Gate/06 take me home.wma6.41 MB
audio Narnia/Enter the Gate/07 this is my life.wma3.98 MB
audio Narnia/Enter the Gate/08 aiming higher.wma4.8 MB
audio Narnia/Enter the Gate/09 the man from nazareth.wma7.96 MB
image Narnia/Enter the Gate/AlbumArtSmall.jpg2.47 KB
image Narnia/Enter the Gate/AlbumArt_{AD37B5C0-6971-4660-81A1-04AA90CBFA16}_Large.jpg10.37 KB
image Narnia/Enter the Gate/AlbumArt_{AD37B5C0-6971-4660-81A1-04AA90CBFA16}_Small.jpg2.47 KB
image Narnia/Enter the Gate/Folder.jpg10.37 KB
text Narnia/Enter the Gate/desktop.ini389 Byte
audio Narnia/Long Live The King/01 Gates Of Cair Paravel.wma1.34 MB
audio Narnia/Long Live The King/02 Living Water.wma3.6 MB
audio Narnia/Long Live The King/03 Shelter Through The Pain.wma4.15 MB
audio Narnia/Long Live The King/04 The Mission.wma4.23 MB
audio Narnia/Long Live The King/05 What You Give Is What You Get.wma4.58 MB
audio Narnia/Long Live The King/06 The Lost Son.wma4.79 MB
audio Narnia/Long Live The King/07 Long Live The King.wma6.26 MB
audio Narnia/Long Live The King/08 Dangerous Game.wma2.31 MB
text Narnia/Long Live The King/desktop.ini291 Byte
audio Narnia/The Great Fall/01 War Preludium.wma1.57 MB
audio Narnia/The Great Fall/02 The Countdown Has Begun.wma4.82 MB
audio Narnia/The Great Fall/03 Back from Hell.wma6.95 MB
audio Narnia/The Great Fall/04 No Time to Lose.wma5.97 MB
audio Narnia/The Great Fall/05 Innocent Blood.wma7 MB
audio Narnia/The Great Fall/06 Ground Zero.wma4.79 MB
audio Narnia/The Great Fall/07 Judgement Day.wma4.18 MB
audio Narnia/The Great Fall/08 Desert Land.wma1.44 MB
audio Narnia/The Great Fall/09 The Great Fall of Man.wma13.19 MB
image Narnia/The Great Fall/AlbumArtSmall.jpg2.39 KB
image Narnia/The Great Fall/AlbumArt_{7665B662-0FF2-4F08-9725-2C4E924F9994}_Large.jpg10.41 KB
image Narnia/The Great Fall/AlbumArt_{7665B662-0FF2-4F08-9725-2C4E924F9994}_Small.jpg2.39 KB
image Narnia/The Great Fall/Folder.jpg10.41 KB
text Narnia/The Great Fall/desktop.ini359 Byte
text Narnia/desktop.ini360 Byte
audio Neon Cross/Neon Cross/01 Heartbreaker.mp33.49 MB
audio Neon Cross/Neon Cross/02 Frontline Life.mp33.21 MB
audio Neon Cross/Neon Cross/03 We Are The Children (Of Our Lord).mp34.35 MB
audio Neon Cross/Neon Cross/04 On The Rock.mp32.45 MB
audio Neon Cross/Neon Cross/05 I'm Not Alone.mp35.49 MB
audio Neon Cross/Neon Cross/06 Right Time.mp33.84 MB
audio Neon Cross/Neon Cross/07 Run Into The Light.mp34.13 MB
audio Neon Cross/Neon Cross/08 Far Cry (from Eden).mp34.21 MB
audio Neon Cross/Neon Cross/09 Outta The Way.mp33.56 MB
audio Neon Cross/Neon Cross/10 Victory.mp33.75 MB
audio Neon Cross/Neon Cross/11 I Need Your Love.mp32.84 MB
audio Neon Cross/Neon Cross/12 Son Of God.mp33.99 MB
audio Neon Cross/Neon Cross/13 Mystery Of Love.mp34.61 MB
audio Neon Cross/Neon Cross/14 Buy My Record.mp33.28 MB
audio Neon Cross/Neon Cross/15 In Your Mind.mp33.8 MB
image Neon Cross/Neon Cross/Neon Cross.jpg18.32 KB
image Neon Cross/Neon Cross.bmp148.59 KB
audio Red Circuit/Trance State/01 Under the Sun.mp34.87 MB
audio Red Circuit/Trance State/02 Is It Gold-!.mp33.26 MB
audio Red Circuit/Trance State/03 The Veil.mp33.58 MB
audio Red Circuit/Trance State/04 Where You Are.mp34.4 MB
audio Red Circuit/Trance State/05 So Hard to Be Like God.mp33.33 MB
audio Red Circuit/Trance State/06 Search for Your Soul.mp33.94 MB
audio Red Circuit/Trance State/07 You Might Have Been Queen.mp33.69 MB
audio Red Circuit/Trance State/08 The Screen.mp34.45 MB
audio Red Circuit/Trance State/09 Go Straight.mp34.45 MB
audio Red Circuit/Trance State/10 Trance State.mp33.92 MB
audio Rob Rock/Eyes Of Eternity/01 Rock The Earth.mp36.86 MB
audio Rob Rock/Eyes Of Eternity/02 Stranglehold.mp36.28 MB
audio Rob Rock/Eyes Of Eternity/03 Eyes Of Eternity.mp35.72 MB
audio Rob Rock/Eyes Of Eternity/04 The Everlasting.mp36.3 MB
audio Rob Rock/Eyes Of Eternity/05 Rage Of Creation.mp37.37 MB
audio Rob Rock/Eyes Of Eternity/06 Conqueror's Hymn.mp36.58 MB
audio Rob Rock/Eyes Of Eternity/07 Fields Of Fire.mp37.65 MB
audio Rob Rock/Eyes Of Eternity/08 You Know.mp37.63 MB
audio Rob Rock/Eyes Of Eternity/09 The Hour Of Dawn.mp316.75 MB
audio Rob Rock/Garden Of Chaos/01-garden_of_chaos.mp36.81 MB
audio Rob Rock/Garden Of Chaos/02-satans_playground.mp38.31 MB
audio Rob Rock/Garden Of Chaos/03-saviors_call.mp36.66 MB
audio Rob Rock/Garden Of Chaos/04-this_time_is_the_last_time.mp37.81 MB
audio Rob Rock/Garden Of Chaos/05-only_a_matter_of_time.mp37.48 MB
audio Rob Rock/Garden Of Chaos/06-spirit_in_the_sky.mp37.12 MB
audio Rob Rock/Garden Of Chaos/07-metal_breed.mp37.25 MB
audio Rob Rock/Garden Of Chaos/08-millernial_reign.mp38.15 MB
audio Rob Rock/Garden Of Chaos/09-unconditional.mp37.42 MB
audio Rob Rock/Garden Of Chaos/10-ode_to_alexander.mp35.39 MB
audio Rob Rock/Holy Hell/01 - Slayer Of Souls.mp36.05 MB
audio Rob Rock/Holy Hell/02 - First Winds Of The End Of Time.mp38.39 MB
audio Rob Rock/Holy Hell/03 - Calling Angels.mp38.54 MB
audio Rob Rock/Holy Hell/04 - Holy Hell.mp37.17 MB
audio Rob Rock/Holy Hell/05 - Lion Of Judah.mp39.43 MB
audio Rob Rock/Holy Hell/06 - I'm A Warrior.mp37.45 MB
audio Rob Rock/Holy Hell/07 - I'll Be Waiting For You (Bonus.mp37.05 MB
audio Rob Rock/Holy Hell/08 - When Darkness Reigns.mp39.98 MB
audio Rob Rock/Holy Hell/09 - The Revelation.mp37.76 MB
audio Rob Rock/Holy Hell/10 - Move On.mp38.79 MB
text Rob Rock/Holy Hell/Desktop.ini78 Byte
audio Rob Rock/Rage Of Creation/01_In The Beginning.mp32.09 MB
audio Rob Rock/Rage Of Creation/02_The Sun Will Rise Again.mp34.93 MB
audio Rob Rock/Rage Of Creation/03_One Way Out.mp34.72 MB
audio Rob Rock/Rage Of Creation/04_Judgement Day.mp38.93 MB
audio Rob Rock/Rage Of Creation/05_Streets Of Madness.mp36.25 MB
audio Rob Rock/Rage Of Creation/06_Eagle.mp38.82 MB
audio Rob Rock/Rage Of Creation/07_All I Need.mp34.92 MB
audio Rob Rock/Rage Of Creation/08_Media Machine.mp35.92 MB
audio Rob Rock/Rage Of Creation/09_In The Night.mp37.16 MB
audio Rob Rock/Rage Of Creation/10_Never Too Late.mp35.05 MB
audio Rob Rock/Rage Of Creation/11_Forever.mp37.98 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/01 Intro.mp3794.48 KB
audio Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/02 Master's Command.mp36.84 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/03 Beyond The Mountain.mp36.22 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/04 Evil Lurks.mp36.17 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/05 Bound In Chains.mp35.23 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/06 Unfailing Love.mp37.73 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/07 Paradise.mp37.45 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/08 Uncontrolled.mp35.32 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/09 Many Will Come.mp35.41 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/10 Onward Warriors.mp34.53 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/11 The Flood.mp35.97 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/12 Holy, Holy, Holy.mp36.2 MB
image Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/AlbumArtSmall.jpg2.54 KB
image Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/AlbumArt_{64DA8F51-FADC-4227-B750-425C0F6E24EF}_Large.jpg11.2 KB
image Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/AlbumArt_{64DA8F51-FADC-4227-B750-425C0F6E24EF}_Small.jpg2.54 KB
image Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/AlbumArt_{689D9E0D-3D6B-4910-9AF7-EFD0570ACD4F}_Large.jpg11.2 KB
image Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/AlbumArt_{689D9E0D-3D6B-4910-9AF7-EFD0570ACD4F}_Small.jpg2.54 KB
image Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/Folder.jpg11.2 KB
text Sacred Warrior/Master's Command/desktop.ini299 Byte
audio Sacred Warrior/Obsessions/01 Wings Of A Dream.mp36.7 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Obsessions/02 Sweet Memories.mp36.2 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Obsessions/03 Turning Back.mp35.78 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Obsessions/04 Obsessions.mp36.67 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Obsessions/05 Kamakazi.mp36.69 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Obsessions/06 Remember Me.mp36.41 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Obsessions/07 Fire From Heaven.mp35.92 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Obsessions/08 Temples On Fire.mp35.69 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Obsessions/09 Mad Man.mp38.59 MB
image Sacred Warrior/Obsessions/AlbumArtSmall.jpg727 Byte
image Sacred Warrior/Obsessions/AlbumArt_{D562E99D-E9D2-4193-8B46-C1DAACF1E5E5}_Large.jpg1.27 KB
image Sacred Warrior/Obsessions/AlbumArt_{D562E99D-E9D2-4193-8B46-C1DAACF1E5E5}_Small.jpg727 Byte
image Sacred Warrior/Obsessions/Folder.jpg1.27 KB
text Sacred Warrior/Obsessions/desktop.ini311 Byte
audio Sacred Warrior/Rebellion/01 Black Metal.mp36.44 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Rebellion/02 Mad, Mad World.mp35.89 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Rebellion/03 Stay Away From Evil.mp33.85 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Rebellion/04 He Died.mp35.4 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Rebellion/05 Children Of The Light.mp33.67 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Rebellion/06 Rebellion.mp36.21 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Rebellion/07 Day Of The Lord.mp34.97 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Rebellion/08 The Heavens Are Calling.mp36.24 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Rebellion/09 Famine.mp37.19 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Rebellion/10 Master Of Lies.mp34.46 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Rebellion/11 Sword Of Victory.mp34.84 MB
image Sacred Warrior/Rebellion/AlbumArtSmall.jpg2.66 KB
image Sacred Warrior/Rebellion/Folder.jpg10.94 KB
audio Sacred Warrior/Wicked Generation/01 No Happy Endings.mp37.13 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Wicked Generation/02 Little Secrets.mp38.72 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Wicked Generation/03 Standing Free.mp36.91 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Wicked Generation/04 Are You Ready.mp34.3 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Wicked Generation/05 Minister by Night.mp35.01 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Wicked Generation/06 Miss Linda.mp36.76 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Wicked Generation/07 In the Night.mp38.31 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Wicked Generation/08 Warriors.mp34.53 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Wicked Generation/09 Wicked Generation.mp36.61 MB
audio Sacred Warrior/Wicked Generation/10 War Torn Hero.mp36.81 MB
image Sacred Warrior/sw_mstr.jpg7 KB
image Sacred Warrior/sw_obs.jpg6.95 KB
image Sacred Warrior/sw_reb.jpg7.61 KB
image Sacred Warrior/sw_wkdgn.jpg7.13 KB

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