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Size1.21 GB
Age9 years ago
DateTuesday 16 September 2008
CategoryMovies > Action
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In this new addition to the Jedi Knight series, players can immerse themselves in the role of a young student of the Jedi arts. Begin by creating a custom character to train with, undergo missions, and participate in multiplayer battles. Construct your own lightsaber, and choose your own fighting style, such as single saber, double saber, and the powerful dual-bladed saber style used by Darth Maul. Choose your own path as you learn to wield the power of the Force, pursuing the light or the dark side. On your quest to become the most powerful Jedi Knight, you will experience new vehicles, weapons, and expansive new Star Wars environments.



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unknown DirectX/dxsetup.old451.5 KB
unknown DirectX/ManagedDX.CAB1.05 MB
exe DirectX/mdxredist.msi1.08 MB
unknown GameData/GameData/base/assets0.pk3535.78 MB
unknown GameData/GameData/base/assets1.pk3622.56 MB
unknown GameData/GameData/base/assets2.pk31.06 MB
unknown GameData/GameData/base/assets3.pk38.85 MB
unknown GameData/GameData/EaxMan.dll92 KB
unknown GameData/GameData/IFC22.dll196 KB
unknown GameData/GameData/jagamex86.dll1.72 MB
exe GameData/GameData/jamp.exe2 MB
exe GameData/GameData/jasp.exe1.89 MB
unknown GameData/GameData/OpenAL32.dll216 KB
text GameData/GameData/version.inf160 Byte
unknown GameData/data1.cab4.43 MB
unknown GameData/data1.hdr15.51 KB
unknown GameData/data2.cab805.83 KB
unknown GameData/data3.cab512 Byte
unknown GameData/ikernel.ex_338.48 KB
iso GameData/layout.bin479 Byte
image GameData/setup.bmp481.46 KB
exe GameData/Setup.exe1.43 MB
text GameData/Setup.ini159 Byte
unknown GameData/setup.inx170.76 KB
unknown Install/active.tga43.96 KB
audio Install/back.WAV15.14 KB
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unknown Install/close.tga4.04 KB
exe Install/doc.exe1.42 MB
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audio Install/hover.WAV614 Byte
unknown Install/inactive.tga43.96 KB
unknown Install/jediacad.ico4.6 KB
unknown Install/LecSetup.dll120 KB
text Install/license.txt11.27 KB
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text Install/trouble.txt1.72 KB
unknown Install/unselect.tga29.34 KB
exe Install/url.exe1.41 MB
exe auto.exe1.44 MB
exe autorun.exe1.42 MB
text autorun.inf49 Byte
text autorun.ini990 Byte
exe JediAcademy.exe1.47 MB
pdf JKJA_PC_Manual.pdf824.78 KB

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