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Size245.39 MB
Age9 years ago
DateWednesday 27 August 2008
CategoryOthers > Ebooks
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Torrent nameSize
unknown A Course In Number Theory And Cryptography 2d ed - Neal Koblitz.djv3.22 MB
unknown Algebraic Aspects of Cryptography - Neal Koblitz.djv2.39 MB
unknown Applied Cryptography, Second Edition Protocols, Algorthms, and Source Code in C - Bruce Schneier.chm3.62 MB
unknown Beginning Cryptography with Java - David Hook.chm2.45 MB
pdf Complexity and Cryptography An Introduction - JOHN TALBOT.pdf3.27 MB
pdf Contemporary Cryptography - Rolf Oppliger.pdf7.68 MB
unknown Cryptography A Very Short Introduction - Fred Piper.chm1.31 MB
unknown Cryptography For Dummies - Chey Cobb.chm3.99 MB
pdf Cryptography Theory And Practice - Douglas Stinson.pdf16.82 MB
pdf Cryptography and Network Security Principles and Practices, 4th Ed - William Stallings.pdf52.92 MB
pdf Cryptography for Developers - Simon Johnson.pdf5.01 MB
unknown Cryptography in C and C++ - Michael Welschenbach.chm3.5 MB
unknown Encryption in a Windows Environment EFS File, 802.1x Wireless, IPSec Transport, and SMIME Exchang.chm1.78 MB
pdf Foundations of Cryptography A Primer - Oded Goldreich.pdf2.1 MB
pdf Guide to Elliptic Curve Cryptography - Darrel Hankerson.pdf4.37 MB
pdf Handbook of Applied Cryptography - Alfred J. Menezes.pdf4.63 MB
pdf Image and Video Encryption From Digital Rights Management to Secured Personal Communication - Sus.pdf7.68 MB
pdf Introduction to Cryptography With Java Applets - David Bishop.pdf9.69 MB
pdf Java Cryptography - Jonathan B. Knudsen.pdf1.47 MB
unknown Learn Encryption Techniques with BASIC and C++ - Gil Held.chm2.79 MB
pdf Malicious Cryptography Exposing Cryptovirology - Adam Young.pdf29.08 MB
pdf Military Cryptanalysis.pdf47.53 MB
unknown Modern Cryptography Theory and Practice - Wenbo Mao.chm3.21 MB
pdf Modern Cryptography Theory and Practice - Wenbo Mao.pdf17.83 MB
pdf Practical Cryptography.pdf614.23 KB
pdf Progress onf Cryptography 25 Years of Cryptography in China - Kefei Chen.pdf4.99 MB
pdf The CodeBreakers - Kahn David.pdf1.44 MB

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