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Size574.6 MB
Age9 years ago by priestofburden
DateTuesday 06 May 2008
CategoryMusic > Metal
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This is the Complete Collection of the metal band Forbidden.
CD list:
Forbidden Evil
Twisted Into Form
Raw Evil: Live At The Dynamo
Point Of No Return (Best Of Forbidden)
Trapped (Demo CD)
CD rips @ 192 kb plus cover art

No Password because I'm not an A$$HOLE like some jerk on the site.



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Torrent nameSize
audio Distortion/01 Distortion.mp313.65 MB
audio Distortion/02Hypnotized by the Rhythm.mp311.29 MB
audio Distortion/03 Rape.mp312.26 MB
audio Distortion/04 No Reason.mp314.63 MB
audio Distortion/05 Feed the Hand.mp315.32 MB
audio Distortion/06 Wake Up!.mp39.04 MB
audio Distortion/07 Minds I.mp310.33 MB
audio Distortion/08 All That Is.mp39.81 MB
audio Distortion/09 Undertaker.mp314.65 MB
audio Distortion/10 21st Century Schizoid Man.mp325.42 MB
image Distortion/Distortion 2.jpg28.32 KB
image Distortion/Distortion.jpg9.26 KB
audio Forbidden Evil/01 Chalice of Blood.mp36.25 MB
audio Forbidden Evil/02 Off The Edge.mp39.87 MB
audio Forbidden Evil/03 Through Eyes Of Glass.mp314.74 MB
audio Forbidden Evil/04 Forbidden Evil.mp313.11 MB
audio Forbidden Evil/05 March Into Fire.mp311.79 MB
audio Forbidden Evil/06 Feel No Pain.mp312.05 MB
audio Forbidden Evil/07 As Good As Dead.mp39.79 MB
audio Forbidden Evil/08 Follow Me.mp316.06 MB
image Forbidden Evil/Forbidden Evil.jpg32.32 KB
audio Green/01 What Is the Last Time┬┐.mp35.91 MB
audio Green/02 Green.mp37.51 MB
audio Green/03 Phat.mp38.1 MB
audio Green/04 Turns to Rage.mp313.26 MB
audio Green/05 Face Down Heroes.mp38.56 MB
audio Green/06 Over the Middle.mp37.58 MB
audio Green/07 Kanaworms.mp37.75 MB
audio Green/08 Noncent$.mp38.91 MB
audio Green/09 Blank.mp313.52 MB
audio Green/10 Focus.mp312.52 MB
audio Green/11 Hidden Track.mp32.77 MB
image Green/Green.jpg9.77 KB
audio Point Of No Return/01 Chalice Of Blood.mp36.27 MB
audio Point Of No Return/02 Out Of Body (Out Of Mind).mp36.27 MB
audio Point Of No Return/03 Feel No Pain.mp37.25 MB
audio Point Of No Return/04 Step By Step.mp36.73 MB
audio Point Of No Return/05 Off The Edge.mp35.95 MB
audio Point Of No Return/06 One Foot In Hell.mp38.57 MB
audio Point Of No Return/07 Through Eyes Of Glass.mp38.85 MB
audio Point Of No Return/08 Tossed Away.mp36.36 MB
audio Point Of No Return/09 Marched Into Fire.mp37.14 MB
audio Point Of No Return/10 Victims Of Changes.mp311.47 MB
image Point Of No Return/Point Of No Return.jpg10.18 KB
audio Raw Evil Live/01Victim of Changes-Live.mp311.59 MB
audio Raw Evil Live/02 Forbidden Evil-Live.mp37.98 MB
audio Raw Evil Live/04 Through Eyes of Glass-Live.mp38.8 MB
audio Raw Evil Live/Chalice of Blood-Live.mp38.04 MB
image Raw Evil Live/Raw Evil (Live At The Dynamo).jpg18.05 KB
audio Trapped/01 Disillusions.mp38.46 MB
audio Trapped/02 Hypnotized By The Ryhthm.mp36.66 MB
audio Trapped/03 Mind's Eye.mp35.63 MB
audio Trapped/04 Trapped.mp35.85 MB
audio Trapped/05 So Dark (On This Side).mp36.55 MB
audio Trapped/06 My Sorrow's My Own.mp38.67 MB
audio Trapped/07 Chalice Of Blood.mp36.15 MB
audio Trapped/08 Follow Me.mp39.97 MB
audio Trapped/09 March Into Fire.mp36.9 MB
image Trapped/Trapped.jpg3.29 KB
audio Twisted Into Form/01 Parting Of The Ways.mp31.98 MB
audio Twisted Into Form/02 Infinite.mp310.89 MB
audio Twisted Into Form/03 Out Of Body (Out Of Mind).mp38.36 MB
audio Twisted Into Form/04 Step By Step.mp38.93 MB
audio Twisted Into Form/05 Twisted Into Form.mp38.12 MB
audio Twisted Into Form/06 R.I.P.mp310.44 MB
audio Twisted Into Form/07 Spiral Depression.mp33.35 MB
audio Twisted Into Form/08 Tossed Away.mp38.42 MB
audio Twisted Into Form/09 One Foot In Hell.mp311.43 MB
image Twisted Into Form/Twisted into Form.jpg9.43 KB

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