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The fight over spammy torrents is not over!

Posted by Markus | 8 years ago on Tuesday 29 December 2009 07:40:34 to be more exact
We have been silent for quite some time for personal reasons, but are now back and ready to take action!

Despite the pro-active means we had put in place last year to fight against passworded torrents & fake files, it appears that a still a lot of them are being uploaded. We want you to know that we are in a constant battle and that we are continuously investing in new systems to detect and delete fake files.

We are also looking for moderators, people which we could trust and who could help us monitor 24/7 the site and help us clean it from all the spammy torrents.

Meanwhile please keep commenting and reporting torrents, this is essential to the entire process. We delete everyday all the fake torrents that you report to us! Maybe we cant get all of those bad files but if we all cooperate we can surely get at least 95%.

Finally I want everybody to know that we are not the only site with this problem, we are working very hard to provide you guys and girls with the best possible experience.

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HIMANSHU 8 years ago


Md. Abu Sadek 8 years ago

I also want to work against spam.because it make people confused about torrent.
Mail me

Brian Fahrlander 8 years ago

I can help; I'll happily report the ones I find, and I find the unusual ones most people don't.

Just send me a mail and let me know how I can help.

Jollyroger 8 years ago

send me a mail if you need a hand, be glad to help yu out!

I hate these spamfiles.

bog113 8 years ago

From all the spammers in the world,suck it, idiots!

ernie_mountains 8 years ago

Unless I am doing something wrong most or all of (SiLENT) uploads are spam.

Nostradamus 7 years ago

its me from beyod the grave the world not endin on 212 its a joke to scare all ppl into buggin other ppl so they will go nuts.
have fun and live well.

ragfart 7 years ago

It's good to air these problems, (non for me,so far)! My best wishes for you who are going into battle.

Ckau 7 years ago

all go, man

gkaroy 7 years ago

Well u should tri harder because few minutes a go I just dl."Killers"from KLAXXON and it's FAKE !!! ???Regrads...

Starpass 7 years ago

There has to be a inexpensive way to block spammers altogether. I have no idea how it could be done. Maybe they could be blocked if one certain word is used to weed them out that would be great; but I have no idea how to stop these people.
I suppose it's best members keep a close eye and report spam right away. Maybe another Mod is needed to help the others.

Blizzard 7 years ago

people who run wow Blizzard suck they r dumb they ban ppl for pooping in their own house

SMART PERSON 7 years ago

This site is a cyber space, and clearly the God torrent site on the net, and beyond


Newble 7 years ago

Nice torrent site u guys sayin bad things about this place r clearly real waste of cyber space so go get one.

Facts 4 years ago

I burped and i liked it!

Facts 3 years ago

lets get naked under our cloths